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Social Page Build

Social Page Build

Professional page setup with logo, and if applicable, company images, hours of operations, and business profile.

Enterprise subscription or higher required.
Please contact your account administrator for more information.

Putting your best foot forward starts with a beautiful social media presence. With this service, our in-house agents will build any one social profile. Available for Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Foursquare, YouTube, Instagram, and Pinterest. Professional page setup with logo, and if applicable, company images, hours of operation and business profile. User credentials are required from customer.

What's included:

Facebook Business page:

  • Claiming of the Facebook page
  • Update user photo & cover photo (if provided)
  • Business description
  • Add business owner as an admin / owner of page

Google My Business page:

  • Claiming of Google My Business listing
  • Update name, address, phone number, and any other relevant information
  • Creation of a Google+ profile
  • Update business logo, profile picture, and Google+ header (if provided)
  • Connect and update a YouTube channel (if desired)
  • Add business owner as an admin / owner of page

Instagram Business profile:

  • Creation of an Instagram account
  • Addition of a profile picture
  • Edit & update business information: website, biography, and phone number
  • Conversion of the account to a business account (
  • Connect the Instagram account to the corresponding Facebook Business page (if applicable)
  • Live walkthrough of how to access the iOS or Android app
  • Walkthrough on how to manage the Instagram account going forward
  • Post 5 images - with filters, hashtags, and description spread out within the first two weeks of the account being created
  • Follow 20 local accounts, either sent by the client or picked out by the agent

LinkedIn Company page:

  • Provide the client with insight in creating a LinkedIn Company page and outline steps required to create a page
  • Claiming and set up a LinkedIn Company page
  • Add a business description, website, industry keyword, and company size
  • Add the businesses address and contact information

Pinterest for Business page:

  • Claiming of a Pinterest for Business listing
  • Creation of 5 boards with 5 pins each
  • Addition of a profile picture, "about you" description, and location information
  • Setup of notifications
  • Setup of Home Feed - selected on behalf of the business
  • Connection of social networks - Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ (if applicable)
  • An explanation or discussion about what the business should do once we have the account set up, to promote success

Foursquare for Business page:

  • Claiming of a Foursquare for Business listing
  • Creation of a Foursquare account for the client
  • Update user photo & cover photo (if provided)
  • Polish the listing to look professional

For YouTube channel builds, we recommend the business has at least one video they're interested in posting. Contact us for more information.

Key Selling Points for Social Page Build

  • Provide a fully managed service that help save the client time.
  • Increase the business's online presence; help them reach audiences on different social platforms.
  • Help new businesses build a basic online presence; a lower cost alternative to a full website.
  • Can be purchased multiple times for multiple social media sites.


Additional Social Page Build

Additional Social Page Build

Have us professionally set up another social profile of your choice.

Professional page setup with logo, and if applicable, company images, hours of operations, and business profile.

Facebook Page Promotion

Facebook Page Promotion

Attract new customers with a Facebook Page Boost. $1/day allocated.

With over 2 billion monthly active users, Facebook is the world’s largest social network.

By boosting your client’s Facebook page, you can expand your client’s audience, increase engagement, and drive sales.

For $30/month, we’ll boost your client’s page at an average spend of $1/day, according to the targeting options specified by your client. This can be ordered multiple times to increase the average spend each day.

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