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Lower your cost of acquiring new customers and grow your company with intelligence & automation – available in the Vendasta Platform.

Evolution of Sales

Local business owners are busy, and hard to sell to.

People buy when they are ready.

Costs skyrocket when sales reps are driving around town.

Cold calling doesn’t work 98% of the time. (Harvard Business Review)

Takes avg. 10-13 marketing touches to close interested prospects.

Vendasta’s ‘agency-in-a-box’ platform solves these problems and more.



Automate your prospecting with Snapshot Report

Automatic research: Use intelligence and automation to quickly assess the marketing needs of local businesses, and find opportunities.

Email drip campaigns that work: Send emails that are personalized and relevant to each prospect, not generic. Make sure interaction with sent emails is being tracked, so salespeople know what prospects are interested in.

Use a better CRM with Sales & Success Center

Lightweight yet powerful. Get a bloat-free CRM that you can start using same-day.

Intent mining. Know when prospects are ready to buy, with a CRM that helps you know who is actually interested, and more likely to close – so you can stop boiling the ocean

Simplify client fulfillment & reporting with Business Center

Declutter. Give your clients a single login for everything you sell them.

Prove your worth, automatically. Proof-of-performance reports are created and sent automatically, so clients see ongoing value in what you’ve sold them.

Outsource fulfillment work with Digital Agency

Get a team of social media and copywriting experts under your brand, helping you fulfill your clients’ digital work.

Local is hard. We make it simple.

Our platform makes it easy to sell products and services to local businesses. Everything you need to win is inside the Vendasta Platform.

Intelligence & big data

We can scan the internet for a local business’s marketing footprint, and quickly uncover opportunities.


We automate needs-assessment, email marketing, and intent-mining – making it easier than ever to find and close new deals.


Add your logo and brand colors, and call it yours. Our platform is 100% rebrandable.

Single-sign on

You and your clients log into every solution, app and report with one password.

Unlimited user seats

Add 5 sales people or 50; the subscription cost stays the same.

Unlimited sent emails

Tier-free on all email campaign automations and sent emails.

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