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Acquire | Zenreach WiFi Marketing

Acquire | Zenreach WiFi Marketing

Implement Zenreach to help your clients automate turning their new customers into repeat customers then showing a real ROI.

Know every customer. Automate your marketing.
See real results.

Zenreach helps businesses know their customers better and grow sales by connecting real-world behavior with online experiences. Our WiFi marketing platform lets you automatically track customer visits, build rich customer profiles, target communication more precisely,  and directly measure in-store impact.

Zenreach can be served up a number of ways to suit the needs of businesses of all sizes, from mom-and-pops to national chains. Installation is plug-and-play, so you can be up and running in a matter of minutes.

*NOTE: Acquire is the core product of Zenreach and is required along with each Add-On (Retain & Build) to upgrade accordingly.*

Zenreach Package Pricing 
Acquire - $69/mo [$99/mo Retail]
Retain - $129/mo [$199/mo Retail]
Build - $199/mo [$299/mo Retail]


All Zenreach Resellers get access to:

Partner Recruiter: Our Recruiter will explain the support, tools, and benefits of Reselling Zenreach to your clients. Simply contact Claire Gilman @ (480) 482-2671 or

Training & Enablement: Our Enablement Specialist will provide Partners training, collateral, marketing resources, and best practices for being a Reseller. Simply contact Anton Beltran @ (480) 482-2627 or

Channel Manager: Every Partner gets access to a Channel Manager. CM's will assist Partners with fulfillment of product orders, client-facing support, and sales strategies. Simply contact Chet Snyder @ (480) 482-2616

Account Management: Our Account Manager will assist with technical knowledge, initial account/hardware setup, and white-glove support to our Enterprise Partners. Simply contact Olivia Rodi @ (480) 482-2630 or

Key Selling Points for Acquire | Zenreach WiFi Marketing

  • Grow your clients' customer list through WiFi 5x faster compared to traditional offline methods.
  • Customers visit 3x more frequently. In the first 180 days, out-of-network customers visit 2.4 times, while in-business customers visit 6 times.
  • You're 2x as likely to win back lost customers. For lost customers, if they receive and open a lost-customer smart email from Zenreach, 19% of them return within 30 days vs. 10%.
  • 85% more of your first-time guests come back. 25% of out-of-network customers return after a first visit vs. 45% of in-business customers.
  • Customers are 5x more likely to remain loyal. After a 15th visit, 1.32% of out-of-network customers return vs. 6.74% of in-business customers.


Advertising by Zenreach

Advertising by Zenreach

Measure the success of your digital ads in dollars, not likes.

Requires Acquire | Zenreach WiFi Marketing and Retain | Zenreach WiFi Marketing.


Connect with real customers.

Zenreach helps businesses by connecting online marketing with real-world results.

Our growing network of WiFi access points connects to more than 30MM users. It allows us to recognize 1 in 7 customers visiting your business. We use those customer profiles to build smarter audiences based on your best customers.

We then target those audiences on the most powerful digital platforms, like Facebook and Instagram. We measure results using our proprietary Walk-Through Rate™. It tells you how many new customers actually walked through your doors after seeing your ad.

While ecommerce retailers can track the conversion of advertising impressions all the way to a purchase, physical retailers aren’t able to measure the actual, in-store results of their digital ad spending.


Most ad platforms optimize audiences to target people most likely to click your ad (like that one cousin who likes everything on Facebook!). But the people most likely to click may not be the same people who actually walk into your business and buy. If you’re able to build targeting based on who actually visits your business, you can dramatically improve the performance of your advertising. By optimizing audiences based on real customers, retailers can improve their return on ad spend by 4x or more.

Build | Zenreach WiFi Marketing

Build | Zenreach WiFi Marketing

Enhance your clients' guest satisfaction and company reputation

Requires Acquire | Zenreach WiFi Marketing and Retain | Zenreach WiFi Marketing.

Enhance satisfaction and reputation.

With Build | Zenreach, your clients will be able to grow their customer knowledge base, keep customers coming back and now enhance their reputation. Includes everything in Acquire | Zenreach and Retain |Zenreach, plus:

  • Satisfaction Survey: Solicit feedback when guests visit.
  • Real-time Notifications: Intercept problems before they become bad reviews.
  • Reputation Builder: Promote reviews on your preferred sites.
  • Enhanced Insights: Graphic display of business characteristics and breakdowns.

Retain | Zenreach WiFi Marketing

Retain | Zenreach WiFi Marketing

Keep customers coming back through your doors

Requires Acquire | Zenreach WiFi Marketing.

Keep customers coming back.

With Retain | Zenreach, your clients will be able to grow their customer knowledge base with everything included with Acquire, plus they now have access to:

  • Smart Messages: Respond automatically to customer behavior with targeted campaigns.
  • Targeted Email Marketing: Send up to 50,000 targeted email campaigns.
  • Walk-Through Tracking: Track real-world performance of your marketing programs.
  • Profile Enrichment: Automatically enhance guest profiles with demographic information.

Zenreach Access Point

Zenreach Access Point

Open Mesh A42 Access Point

Open Mesh A Series access points provide robust WiFi coverage anywhere you need to share a connection. Each access point is a cloud-managed access point, mesh gateway and repeater all in one compact, reliable, high-performance package.

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