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Acquire | Zenreach WiFi Marketing

Acquire | Zenreach WiFi Marketing

Grow your customer list and get to know each one of your guests with our wi-fi powered customer engagement platform.

Grow your customer knowledge base.

Zenreach was created to enable brick-and-mortar businesses to seamlessly collect customer information—these are leads! Empower your clients to automate their marketing campaigns by leveraging our proprietary visitor segmentation—all while proving a tangible ROI through closed-loop attribution.

Zenreach is a simple and powerful WiFi marketing platform that delivers automated smart messaging, incorporates a comprehensive CRM, offers tools to manage your reputation in real-time, analyzes walk-through rates™, and more.

With Acquire | Zenreach, your clients will grow their customer knowledge base, and build the foundation for Retain and Build, all while having access to:

  • Branded Hotspot: Custom landing page to greet customers and promote features.
  • Guest List: Validate address, organize, import and export guest details.
  • Welcome Message: Automated welcome message for new customers.
  • Email Marketing: Send limited email blasts.
  • Visitor Dashboard: Track visits, email performance and key metrics.
  • Mobile App: The power of Zenreach on the go.
  • Key Selling Points for Acquire | Zenreach WiFi Marketing

    • Customer data collection: Reduce lead cost by 85% and automatically collect 5x more leads than traditional methods. No more business card bowls!
    • Automate customer list building through a branded hotspot that greets customers and promotes brand
    • Automated Welcome Message invites every new customer back with a personal message
    • Access to a dashboard that tracks visits, email performance, and other key metrics
    • Keep marketing moving when you're on the go with Zenreach's Mobile App


    Build | Zenreach WiFi Marketing

    Build | Zenreach WiFi Marketing

    Enhance your guests' satisfaction and company reputation

    Requires Acquire | Zenreach WiFi Marketing and Retain | Zenreach WiFi Marketing.

    Enhance satisfaction and reputation.

    With Build | Zenreach, your clients will be able to grow their customer knowledge base, keep customers coming back and now enhance their reputation. Includes everything in Acquire | Zenreach and Retain |Zenreach, plus:

    • Satisfaction Survey: Solicit feedback when guests visit.
    • Real-time Notifications: Intercept problems before they become bad reviews.
    • Reputation Builder: Promote reviews on your preferred sites.
    • Enhanced Insights: Graphic display of business characteristics and breakdowns.
    Retain | Zenreach WiFi Marketing

    Retain | Zenreach WiFi Marketing

    Keep customers coming back through your doors

    Requires Acquire | Zenreach WiFi Marketing.

    Keep customers coming back.

    With Retain | Zenreach, your clients will be able to grow their customer knowledge base with everything included with Acquire, plus they now have access to:

    • Smart Messages: Respond automatically to customer behavior with targeted campaigns.
    • Targeted Email Marketing: Send up to 50,000 targeted email campaigns.
    • Walk-Through Tracking: Track real-world performance of your marketing programs.
    • Profile Enrichment: Automatically enhance guest profiles with demographic information.
    Zenreach Access Point

    Zenreach Access Point

    Open Mesh A42 Access Point

    Open Mesh A Series access points provide robust WiFi coverage anywhere you need to share a connection. Each access point is a cloud-managed access point, mesh gateway and repeater all in one compact, reliable, high-performance package.

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