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Why agencies love Marketplace

Marketplace is curated with risk-free, instant-on apps and services for SEO, Social, Video, Advertising, Websites and more. Agencies are quickly adding new revenue streams while meeting their client’s needs.

Speed to market with new business apps


Enable and start selling new digital products the same day—no RFPs or technical integrations required. Plus, instantly access the sales and marketing materials you need to get the ball rolling.

New diverse digital marketing products and services

Diversified product offering

Discover and easily package all of the digital products you need to sell. Including the most popular and profitable marketing solutions that every local business needs.

Lower client churn with proof of performance reporting


Lower churn by giving your customers meaningful reasons why they should stick with you, month after month.

Marketplace no cost until you sell, risk-free

No cost until you sell

Go fishing for business as much as you want. There’s no app costs until you sell something.

Ready-to-sell apps available in Marketplace

The more you sell, the more you save. Get unbeatable volume pricing.

G Suite

Do your best work with Google's suite of intelligent apps.

Constant Contact

Powerful email marketing made easy.

Boostability SEO

Boost Your Online Presence.
Boost Your Real-World Profits.

Website Pro

WordPress hosting on Google Cloud Platform

Reputation Management

White label reputation management software

Listing Sync Pro

Establish a presence on more than 40 business listing sites

3D Virtual Tours

Revolutionize remote viewing.

SEO Network

Rank higher online for your keywords


Create a beautiful website from a Facebook page instantly.

Target Everyone

Engage the mobile consumer with eye-popping, personalized campaigns.


Capture authentic video stories from anywhere, anytime.

Advertising Intelligence

Google AdWords and Facebook advertising reporting & analysis


Permission-based targeted email marketing platform that delivers real results


Improve website tracking and Google search ranking

Customer Voice

Gather customer feedback via email and sms.

Website Chatbot

Lead capture chatbot optimized for websites

Graphic Design Services

Provide businesses with a branded design package


Studio quality video in just a couple clicks.


Publish local events on search and social

Menu Sync

Online service & menu listing management

Website Builder

Quickly build websites from a library of templates

Form Builder

Use dynamic website forms to help generate more leads

Live Chat

Build convenient connections with website live chat

Digital Advertising

Drive measurable results for your local business clients


Connect directly with customers on their phones

Visual Visitor

Turn website visitors into qualified sales leads

Blog Package by textbroker

Blog content that's entertaining, informative and helpful

Social Powered Wi-Fi

Transform your Wi-Fi hotspot into an ROI

Appointment Scheduling

Book more customers & save time managing them

Brand monitoring

A summary of reputation for multi location businesses...

Listing Distribution

Distribute business info through the four main data aggregators.

Listing Builder

Build market share with a freemium tool for your team.

This list is growing. Book a free demo with us today to hear about our newly added best-in-class vendor products.

Go to market in hours, not months

Quickly go to market with new products, and show proof of performance along the way. With Marketplace, a company of any size can add a new product to their offerings, sell it, and deliver it to their customer same day with little overhead.

Truly deliver what your customers need – assess their business problems with Snapshot, and craft personalized solutions just for them, with Marketplace.

We’re your true partner

We are ready to help you succeed. Contact us to see how we can grow your agency.

How a digital agency increased their monthly recurring revenue by $5000

$5,000 More Per Month

In just under two months, Buffalo Web Agency increased their recurring revenue by nearly $5,000 month-over-month.

How? By selling 7 subscriptions of a Marketplace SEO service to already existing customers. Before Marketplace, Buffalo Web Agency had SMB clients who wanted higher rankings in search, but their agency had no way to fulfill that need in a scalable way, all at once.

By using our Marketplace service, our web agency partner was able to successfully open up doors to new sources of revenue.

*The real names of these Vendasta partners have been changed to maintain their white-label relationship with us.

Marketing agency grew with online Marketplace products and services

One Million in Two Years

Hard Rock Media is a startup that went from zero to one million dollars in revenue in two years with Vendasta Marketplace.

The director of Hard Rock Media started small, but as sales increased he quickly realized he needed a scalable way to keep up while simplifying the vetting of new digital marketing apps, products & services. Then he discovered Vendasta Marketplace.

By selling top tier vendor products from Marketplace, and using our digital agency for fulfillment, Hard Rock Media has grown from a one-man-show into a fully fledged digital marketing agency with $1 million in just 24 months. Read the case study.

White label Marketplace Feature Stack

Be quick to market with new products

Adding the right marketing products at the right time while training your sales and fulfilment teams is hard. With 20% of businesses outgrowing their vendors, you need to provide new products, fast. You need our online Marketplace.

With Marketplace, you can add a new product to your offering, sell it, and deliver it to your customer on same day with little overhead. We’ve got your back with all the training, resources and collateral you’ll need

Increase speed to market with Vendasta Online Marketplace
Grow revenue with a digital app marketplace for resellers

Grow with recurring revenue, risk-free

Marketplace products allow you to do sales experiment, without risk. You can “go fishing” for interest in your market without any up-front vendor costs, easily tacking on new incremental revenue.

Also, our sales and marketing platform is designed to help you more easily acquire customers with Snapshot, and keep them happy month after month with Proof of Performance reporting.

Adapt to the needs of SMBs with Store

Marketplace includes a client-facing Store – your all-access, always open, on-demand digital store that gives businesses the ability to find and solve their unique problems anytime, anywhere.

Store can be completely customized to showcase your individual products, including your existing traditional products, as well as bundled solutions.

Do you have multiple tiers of service? Do you create custom packages for each client based on a needs-assessment? No problem. Vendasta digital Marketplace is the place for local marketing experts to manage, showcase, sell and fulfill complete solutions to small and medium-sized business problems.

Store, a showcase for B2B software solutions you can resell
Reduce vendor clutter with single supplier app Marketplace

No more vendor clutter

Simplify your relationships with vendors – one login, one dashboard, one bill.

With Marketplace, you have one integrated place to provision new products, fulfill, and analyze the effectiveness of your efforts. Easily add a new product to your packages without the overhead.

White-label Marketplace

When clients come looking for solutions, don’t send them away to third-party vendors. Keep their marketing simplified by providing best-of-breed business solutions in one place under your own brand, while making recurring revenue from wholesale app margins.

Store, a showcase for B2B software solutions you can resell

Level up with
Vendasta’s App Marketplace

Marketplace is more than business-to-business (B2B) software; Marketplace is about transforming the sales process, empowering salespeople to provide complete, needs-based solutions to local business problems. What are you waiting for?

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