We are Vendastians, we come in peace.

Here they are: the hardest working bunch of software gurus and business brains this side of the galaxy. Each one of them has ‘Work hard, play hard’ tattooed on the insides of their eyelids, and if you don’t believe it, swing by for a game of foosball.

Aaron Chuo
Aaron Chuo is his English name, and Zhihong Zhuo his given name. Aaron is a graduate Computer Science student of U of S. He likes playing soccer, fishing, reading and cooking, and is enjoying his new digs as a software developer here at Vendasta. He’s getting his fishing rod ready in hopes of reeling in the biggest catch at Vendasta’s annual camping trip this summer.
Aaron LeBlanc
Aaron LeBlanc was born in Canada's largest city, Toronto, and like many Canucks has Native American blood running through his veins. Despite his youthful looks, he has been working as a sales professional for over 10 years, selling everything from mortgages to advertising. During his time off, he enjoys reading, learning, and staying active.
Adam Bissonnette
Adam Bissonnette is a father of two and the partner to the most beautiful woman in all of Saskatoon. He has a number of hobbies including but not limited to: flower pressing, trans-media adventures and slam poetry. Before starting in January 2016 he ran his own digital agency and was a partner on the Vendasta platform. He's excited to be working with the marketing team to look at creative ways to make an impact.
Adam Stark
Adam Stark is a die-hard skier who would, hands down, take a trip to the mountains over a trip to the beach any day. In fact, his claim to fame is “winner” of the best face-plant at the Sunshine 2012 Slush Cup. After spending six years as a professional student at the Edwards School of Business, Adam decided it was time to take his degree and get out of there. With a wide range of previous work experience, from accounting firms to golf resorts, and a fondness for electronics and technology, Vendasta is a great fit.
Aditya Menon
Aditya Menon graduated from the U of S with a degree in Computer Engineering, and is now a software developer with Vendasta. Though a fan of playing all sorts of sports, Aditya’s easy favourite is soccer. Like 92% of developers, Aditya is also a big fan of video games, and has been playing video games since Sonic the Hedgehog was on the ol’ Sega Genesis. He also enjoys watching movies, especially those of the Marvel variety.
Akshay Chauhan

Akshay Chauhan has learned and experimented with every medium in digital storytelling from directing a 3D animated short film to developing mobile apps. He spent a few years doing graphic design and later switched into user experience and product design. He finds designing apps more satisfying as it serves a purpose, makes things simpler for people, and it's more than just a beautiful visual design. Apart from work, he loves to talk about typography (which is also work), productivity hacks, science fiction movies, and design solutions for solving real world problems and sustainable lifestyles such as tiny houses. He loves voluteering as a videographer at design related events in downtown Vancouver. Most of all he likes to talk about himself in the third person...

Ali Saif
Ali Saif, originally from Pakistan, has been living in Canada for over 13 years. He finished high school in Ottawa and, because he is a mama's boy, moved to Saskatoon when his parents did. Here, Ali finished his studies at Edward School of Business by obtaining a B Comm. degree with a management major. He’s also fallen in love with mixed martial arts, and you can find him practicing nearly every day of the week. Through MMA, Ali has met some great people who he refers to has his "other family." When he’s not MMA-ing, you can find him with his family, watching movies, broadening his business knowledge and reading comics.
Ali York
Ali York strives to travel as often and wear shoes as seldom as possible. Having spent the last two years alternating between teaching English and diving, surfing, hitching and hiking her way around Australasia, she is happy to be back home where the sky goes on forever and the seasons make sense. A graduate of the University of Saskatchewan, Ali is excited to put her commerce degree to work at Vendasta.
Allan Wolinski

Allan Wolinski is in charge of office culture. As VP, Operations, he recruits new employees and coaches them in the principles of Agile software development, which he advocates with a fervor bordering on the evangelical. Allan's pastimes include soccer and sailing. For a while, one of his sailboats sat in the middle of the office, which is why (in case you were wondering) our logo is shaped like a sail.

Amber Apps
Amber Apps was born and raised in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan. This is her first year back in Canada after moving to Brisbane, Australia in 2008. It's suiting that her nickname is Ber, because she's always cold. She can often be heard making puns and laughing way too hard at her own jokes. She will say "Gif slash Jif" because she wants to avoid the argument about how it's meant to be said and just keep telling you about the funny thing the cat did. She aspires to be a living rainbow someday.
Amy Gill
Amy Gill is Vendasta’s Sales Marketing Manager, and is responsible for creating and managing the content for our ever growing, killer sales teams. A self proclaimed foodie with a closet far too large, she's a big city girl always planning her next trip. Coming from Toronto where she worked for Porsche, you may wonder what keeps her in Saskatoon? Working at Vendasta, of course! She absolutely loves her job and probably even takes it a little too seriously.
Amy Janzen
Amy Janzen was born and raised in Saskatoon but has spent some of her adult life living in Bristol, UK and Edmonton, AB. Amy loves to travel when she can and has been lucky enough to visit various cities in Europe, the US, and Canada. Amy has an affinity for writing and reading literature and is so excited to be able to use her English degree as a Digital Agency Writer at Vendasta! When Amy isn't working or reading, she is long-distance running, practicing yoga, chasing her toddler around, or going on various adventures with her husband and dog. Amy comes from a lengthy career in the service industry and really loves good coffee, food, and wine.
Andrew Leppke
Andrew Leppke very nearly became a meteorologist. Inspired by a fascination with severe weather, he once applied to Dalhousie University in Halifax but a friend needed a roommate in Saskatoon so he also applied to SIAST to study Computer Systems Technology, which accepted him almost immediately. Thus began an epic adventure that he wouldn't trade for anything. His time in Saskatoon has brought him great friends, awesome times, seven ball hockey championships, Rider season tickets and dreams of using a weather balloon to launch a solar oven into space to cook bacon. Aside from his nine years of programming experience, Andrew brings much-needed Pepsi representation to the Cola Wars on Vendasta's developer floor.
Andrew Tremblay

Andrew Tremblay likes to go fast. He was a sprinter in another life, where he set some new records and ran for the U of S Huskies track and field team. When he isn't a blurry streak, he loves to travel and drink craft beers from around the world. To date, he has sampled over 600 varieties and counting. He is also a geographically inconvenienced baseball fan, as his adopted team is over 2200 km away. Regardless, he has a shrine of Blue Jays memorabilia in his vintage basement bar.

Arielle Devlin

Arielle Devlin is renowned for her world-class phone etiquette, which makes sense, as Vendasta’s frontline receptionist, she’s always ready to take your call. Go on... Give her a ring! When you get a hold of her, feel free to ask her about her latest trip to BC and which Okanagan vineyard is her favourite. She stays in shape by teaching people Pilates and different styles of dance. She loves salsa dancing and musicals! One time she played a chorus girl in a local production of The Producers. Arielle graduated from the U of C, she holds a degree in co-operation with The School of Alberta Ballet. Her friendly demeanor and enthusiasm to learn is reflected by her 10-year-old dog, “Winston” who is still full of energy and loves to be around good company.

Aristo Lam

Aristo Lam was born and raised in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, and recently graduated from the Edwards School of Business with a B. Comm degree in Marketing. At the age of five, Aristo decided that he wanted to be a frog when he grew up. However, in the cold and harsh light of reality, he's since abandoned that dream and become a Digital Agent at Vendasta which he deems to be the next best thing. His imagination continues to get carried away, usually in the form of ridiculous business ideas and/or inventions. Aristo backpacked around the world and back! He’s swam with dolphins in Cuba, scuba dived at the southernmost tip of the Great Barrier Reef and drank a beer on top of Mt. Doom in New Zealand. He loves to cook, is a film junkie and he secretly aspires to becoming a rap mogul like Jay-Z.

Ashlea Crane
Ashlea Crane was born and raised in Ontario and is an artistic individual, alcohol ink on tile artist and musician. When she isn't rocking it as a Digital Agent at Vendasta, she can be found hanging out at J&S Picture Frame Warehouse assisting clients with their personal projects, hosting art shows and working closely with the artists of Saskatoon. Ashlea's laugh can and will be heard from miles away; while loud, some have said it can be compared to the sound of an angel. Her drive to ensure exceptional customer service will be a wonderful addition to the Vendasta team.
Ashley Elder

Ashley Elder is a small town girl who looks after her family when she’s not working as a Digital Agent. Her passion for cooking and baking keeps friends and families stomachs full and hearts warm. With a strong customer service background and great work ethic she is sure to be an asset to the Vendasta team.

Ben Thunderchild

Ben Thunderchild comes to Vendasta from years in the customer service area. Originally from Thunderchild First Nation, he's lived his life all over the province from Canora to Beavual. He also spent a year with his family living and experiencing life above the Arctic Circle in Igloolik, Nunavut. It was his passion for providing excellent customer service and his interests in the ever growing Technology sector here in the province that brought him to Vendasta. In his free time, he can be found at local collector and card shops. He maintains a healthy interest in all things geek related, not limited to - Magic: The Gathering, Pokemon, Marvel and DC Comics, Star Wars and Doctor Who.

Bill Ferguson
Bill Ferguson is most likely the oldest employee at Vendasta. He got his start with the "Talking Telephone" (Audiotex) way back in the 20th century. As the Internet exploded and became more entwined with our lives, Bill continued to ride the Internet wave (and grow sales along with it). Bill is our Digital Revenue Development Specialist, and road warrior, helping our partners make lots of money with Vendasta's tools and technologies. When he's home, you'll find him on the tennis courts or rooting fervently for his Maryland Terrapins.
Bill O'Dell

Bill O'Dell combines years of customer service and writing experience as a Digital Agent at Vendasta. While Saskatoon is now home for him, Canada was not always home for this American citizen (soon to be Canadian!) He tries his best to fit in and fit everything in with a wife, twins, a dream job, not to mention - freelance writing, cooking and writing about spicy gluten free food in one blog, playing and writing about Magic in another blog. Other hobbies include reading fantasy/sci-fi books and trying to get some sleep. If you must know, he like all the fandoms, but if forced to choose: Star Wars and DC!

Blair Anton
Blair Anton is a self-made man. From owning computer companies to nightclubs, from selling network solutions to large brands to starring in Nightclub Confidential, a reality TV show, Blair has done it all — without so much as a high school diploma. At Vendasta, he brings 25+ years of experience in sales, management, and entrepreneurship to his role as a Business Development Representative. When not at work, Blair can be found buying the latest cell phone or gadget, watching the Patriots play football, keeping up with his interest in Mixed Martial Arts, or spending time with his wife and three kids.
Blair Nordstrom
Blair Nordstrom straps into his snowboard, stands under the vents in his frigid basement, and imagines that the gusty air conditioning is the breeze of the Rockies caressing his face. When he is in a warmer atmosphere, you can find him playing soccer. At Vendasta, Blair is a Product Marketing Specialist who brings with him a B.Comm degree in Marketing from the University of Saskatchewan, as well as seven years of experience in marketing and sales. He’s also a bit of a Movember celebrity.
Bo Dong
Bo Dong comes from a small, chilly town in China called Changchun. He enjoys tabletop role-playing games, post-rock music and tequila. As a result of practicing English through watching episodes of Doctor Who, Bo has developed a unique Chinese-British accent. He received a degree in Marine Engineering and was employed as a shipyard engineer for 2 years. The many hazards (often fatal risks) Bo faced in the shipyard, led to a strong desire to learn new tricks, including learning Computer Science at the University of Saskatchewan. Today, he looks forward to building his career as a Software Developer at Vendasta. Bo is attempting to master a Canadian accent before the next season of Doctor Who is released but we love his sound the way it is.
Boniffer Ipac

Boniffer Ipac, our accounting coordinator, hails from the Philippines. She studied computer science at a college in La Union where, upon graduating, she was promptly hired as an instructor. Later she transferred to the nearby state university, where she acquired her master's in technological education and taught for five years. After a stint doing IT and accounting in Singapore, Boniffer decided to try Canada. We hired her before her suitcase was fully unpacked.

Brad Johnson

Brad Johnson has been a computer nerd since elementary school and has always had a passion for building things, be it woodworking, electronic circuits, autobody work, writing and, of course, software development. Brad is also a music lover, keeping a keen eye out for brand new bands before they make it big and trying to catch whatever local shows he can. His fascination with music extends into the technical realm as well: Brad spends a good deal of his time trying out new audio equipment and new installation techniques to make things sound pretty.

Braden Bassingthwaite

Braden Bassingthwaite loves to travel the world (and not just on Warcraft, either). He has visited three countries, six provinces, and seventeen states, and has earned a Computer Science degree from the University of Saskatchewan. An avid hunter, fisherman, and cook, Braden is voted 'most likely to survive should our office go camping and get lost in the woods' (for the record, he's also voted 'most mispronounced surname').

Braeden Ager
Braeden Ager (sort of) grew up in Preeceville (also commonly called "Priestville" by fellow Vendastians). Growing up in a small town, he did everything from playing all sports imaginable to attempting the saxophone. Braeden still manages to keep his competitive spirit alive by playing in almost every sport league around the city. When he’s not out playing sports you can find Braeden online competing at video games, or attempting to brew his own masterfully-crafted beer.
Branson Perreault

Branson Perreault is a recent U of S graduate with a degree in Computer Science, and now works as a Product Developer with Vendasta. An unspeakable amount of his free time is spent playing, researching, collecting, and obsessing over games of all sorts. Branson expresses his creativity through home-brewing fancy beer, which is both a hobby and a pastime for him (and it's easy on the wallet, too).

Breanne Budz

Breanne Budz is a recent computer science graduate from the U of S and is excited to join Vendasta as a software developer. She has a bachelor's degree in education and was an elementary school teacher before changing paths into the tech world. In her free time, Breanne enjoys spending time with family and friends, travelling, and playing a variety of sports. Her more introverted side likes playing video games, reading, watching anime, and training for marathons (on Netflix).

Brendan King

Brendan King is Vendasta's public face, voice, and disconcertingly boisterous laugh. As CEO, he's involved in every aspect of the business. He even sits in on technical meetings, quietly catching up on his email in the darkest corner of the room, then popping his head up to ask the obvious, inconvenient question that everyone has been trying to avoid facing. Brendan is a serial entrepreneur who founded his first business, an athletic clothing store, while still in university. It went broke after two years. His subsequent ventures have turned out significantly better.

Brendan Swalm
Brendan Swalm has worn many hats. He has tended to a golf course, moved furniture, sold athletic shoes and skateboards and Apple hardware, written and performed electronic and live music, and transcribes manuscripts of Chaucer's Canterbury Tales for fun. He has also studied English Literature at the undergraduate and graduate levels at the University of Saskatchewan and, most recently, returned from Leuven, Belgium, where he studied Digital Humanities at the KU Leuven. Now he's trying his hand at tweetsmithing and blogcraft as a writer for Vendasta's Digital Agency.
Brent Yates

Brent Yates worked with a local fleet management company for five years before jumping ship and joining Vendasta's formidable forces. He got his start doing embedded development and then moved on to higher level applications, building on his diploma in Electronics Systems Engineering Technology from SIAST. Now he's responsible for development on some of our consulting code; when he's not busy working, he can be found putting birdies on the golf course, brushing ice at the curling rink, and tuning up his old '57 Merc truck.

Brooke Trippel
Brooke Trippel or 'Triple Threat' as we like to call her (just kidding, nobody calls her that), is a Champion of the People. She speaks for those without a voice, stands for truth and justice for all, and does it in a wide selection of fabulous shoes. Just picture Sailor Moon, only not annoying and in a way better outfit. That is to say, she is our People Operations Specialist, and does a darn fine job of it too! Like the meaning of her name, Brooke is as swift and powerful as a rushing stream and also as bubbly and effervescent as a babbling brook, which is why we like to call her Babbling Brooke (just kidding, we don't EVER call her that). She likes dogs, mochas, and has a super-cute dog named Mocha.
Bryan Larson

Bryan Larson spent his twenties indulging his inner traveller, having trekked through New Zealand, Australia, the Nepalese Himalayas, Galapagos Islands, Machu Picchu, and even more. Now, in his thirties, he says that although his wanderlust hasn't vanished, his priorities have shifted towards more domestic adventures, such as, you know, getting a mortgage and other exciting grownup things. Bryan's eye for design and 10+ years in media and design make him the perfect person to tackle our increasingly complex UI elements and create a better experience for our users.

Caileigh Simpson

Caileigh Simpson fell madly in love with Saskatoon after moving here from Toronto in January 2015, and subsequently developed a deep affinity for bridges, The Sheepdogs, and good beer. After graduating from Queen's University with a Kinesiology degree she worked a couple of cool jobs in health and sport, but after some amazing people introduced her to Vendasta she knew she had to get involved. She digs sports, camping, and live music, and would really appreciate it if you didn’t judge her for being a Leafs fan.

Cameron Johns
Cameron Johns just completed his Comp Sci degree in Interactive Systems Design at the University of Saskatchewan. Trying to become a self-described renaissance man, he has a great variety of interests. If he isn’t playing his guitar, or doodling on his iPad you can find him on the computer immersed in Photoshop or Illustrator. Originally from Edmonton once upon a time he is happy to talk hockey so long as you are an Oiler’s fan! He is excited to begin his career at Vendasta as a Web Developer/Graphic Designer. Passionate about all things design, please share all your knowledge and wisdom with him so he may continue to grow and develop as an artist and developer!
Carolyn Neufeldt

Carolyn Neufeldt was born and raised in Calgary, Alberta. She cultivated a long list of retail and restaurant jobs before deciding to pursue a BSc in Nursing at Mount Royal University. After two years she concluded Nursing wasn't a fit, and decided to return to the customer service industry and do it right. Carolyn spent 3 years as a receptionist at a home interiors company, then got married and moved back to her husband's home province of Saskatchewan to settle down in Warman. Carolyn enjoys gaming on her PC, traveling, reading, yoga (even though she sucks at it), and spending time with her puppy Remy. She now looks forward to killing it in the Digital Agency department at Vendasta!

Catriona Barcoe

Catriona Barcoe is from Kilkenny, a city in the Southeast of Ireland. She has a degree in Communication Studies and a Masters of Science in Multimedia from Dublin City University. A lover of travel, she has visited Southeast Asia and South America, and also lived in Australia for a year. Before deciding to settle in Saskatoon, Catriona ventured to China for three weeks on her own. She is loving Saskatoon, and is trying to love our Saskatchewan winters - but that's a work in progress. Catriona enjoys soccer, watching Formula One and the ancient Gaelic sport of hurling!

Celine Martin

Celine Martin is originally from North Battleford, SK. Before joining the Digital Agency team at Vendasta, Celine moved to the big city and attended the Edwards School of Business. Not your average blonde, she completed the Honours Program and received a Bachelor of Commerce degree in Management with great distinction. In her spare time, Celine can be found (usually sunburning) at the lake, making hilarious dad jokes, or just being a social butterfly.

Chad Hansen

Chad Hansen is a Computer Science grad from the University of Saskatchewan. A stats-geek at heart, both Chad's personal and professional interests seem to be driven by numbers. At work he uses data-driven problem solving methods and analytics, while in his personal life he enjoys fantasy football, political forecasting, and keeping up on the latest attempts to analyze hockey statistics effectively. Chad is an avid gamer, loves Overwatch, DotA, and pretty much any other competitive multiplayer game he's come across. He's made it into the Overwatch competitive Top 500 in multiple seasons, and maintains a position in the 99th percentile of the DotA matchmaking ladder. Chad's competitive fire also extends to hockey, where he is a huge Toronto Maple Leafs fan. If you see him in person, offer him your condolences.

Ches Hagen

Ches Hagen when he's not on the phone with potential partners, can be found exploring the British Columbia backcountry by snowmobile, ATV, or boat. Ches is the only member of the Vendasta management team not based in Saskatoon, but he flies in from Vancouver a few times a year for planning meetings, Brendan's summer pool party, and the November deer hunt.

Chris Bernhard

Chris Bernhard joins the Digital Agency team after a lengthy career in all facets of retail business. A professionally trained screenwriter who never got his chance to pen the sequel to Point Break before it was tragically remade, Chris spends what free time he has wrestling with his kids, planning world domination with his wife and being a General Manager for the Saskatoon Comic and Entertainment Expo. As you might of guessed, he sports a comic and art collection as well as a self deprecating sense of humor.

Chris Daviduik

Chris Daviduik came to us with a dual degree in electrical engineering and computer science from the University of Saskatchewan. In 2010 his increasingly successful sideline as singer-songwriter for the band Sexy Mathematics motivated him to migrate from Saskatoon to Toronto, where he remains on the Vendasta team, Skyping in every morning from the living room of his condo on trendy King Street West.

Chris Unsworth

Chris Unsworth is a classic jack-of-all trades and master of a few. He previously played on the U of S Huskies basketball team, winning a championship in 2010. Chris has had experiences ranging from driving 18 wheelers, to arms dealing, to jumping out of helicopters and firefighting. A serial entrepreneur who founded his first business in the competitive clothing market by making tall clothes for tall people, Chris loves being active and can't resist a practical joke.

Cody Ede

Cody Ede was born in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan but spent a good part of his childhood living in British Columbia where he developed a love for the outdoors. He’ll jump on any opportunity to adventure outdoors be it camping, hiking or other activities. His childhood also inspired a love for board games. He’ll challenge anyone to any game! He’s even been known to play games that take ten hours! He’s been back in Saskatchewan for a while now and he is currently working towards a degree in Interactive System Design at the University of Saskatchewan. He has a keen interest in combining art, computer science and psychology. He likes art, but loves to computer science! This love of computer science has led him to his current position at Vendasta.

Cody Kurz

Cody Kurz is a jazz bassist and an advocate of polyphasic sleeping, the practice of taking short naps throughout the day in order to gain extra waking hours at night. A graduate of the University of Saskatchewan's computer science program, he's handy with hardware, building a classic-style arcade cabinet in his spare time.

Coleton Swiezak
Coleton Swiezak hails from the vast western outreach that is Okotoks, Alberta. After moving to Saskatoon two years ago and suffering his way through a baseball related knee injury that he was too lazy to get checked out, he became fascinated with the world of computers, and specifically, Vendasta. After he completed his internship here last summer, it quickly became apparent that things just weren't the same without him. Subsequently, Coleton was brought back on as a part-time Digital Agent. When not at work, he can usually be found enduring the boring, very un-Vendasta world that is his last year of high school, sleeping, snowboarding, literally destroying everyone in fierce games of Mario Kart, or couch-coaching the Toronto Blue Jays and getting particularly loud about it when they're having an "off day".
Colin Gooding

Colin Gooding earned a computer science degree from the University of Saskatchewan. After that, he spent three years working on the software build and management team at OpenText in the maple syrup version of silicon valley, Waterloo, Ontario. He’s now back on the flatland, and has joined the Vendasta team as a developer. A big time hockey fan, Colin follows the Winnipeg Jets close enough to get cut by a skate blade, and usually wins his fantasy hockey league. Aside from ice and sticks, Colin enjoys golfing, reading, playing board games and, gasp, video games.

Colin Larson
Colin Larson is a Saskatchewan raised software developer. His history with programming goes back to high school where he toughed it out through Visual Basic and C# and ended up with a Computer Science degree from the University of Saskatchewan. Colin loves to ski down mountains really, really fast, and tries to get out to the Rockies each year to do so. Day to day Colin loves to play both video and board games, and is steadily working on watching every anime ever made (okay, maybe not quite all of them).
Conrad Berenik

Conrad Berenik is a man on a mission: to complete reading all 365 books in the Warhammer 40k series. His love for post-apocalyptic science fiction and a CS course he took at the University of Regina set the tone for his career. Soon he moved to Saskatoon and completed a diploma in CST at SIAST. He currently works as a software developer at Vendasta, and when he is not busy reading a Warhammer book, he's either at his computer navigating dystopian wastelands or at the gym lifting heavy objects.

Corey Hickson

Corey Hickson likes to pull out whatever the latest tabletop game is. A game master at heart, he loves the welcoming seat by a table full of meeples and dice. When not indulging in games or other geeky passions, he likes to balance his life out with teaching (coding especially) or the occasional camping trip. His background in chemical engineering at the U of S indirectly led him to computer science where he found what he was looking for in all those years at university.

Craig Kumick

Craig Kumick grew up in Regina and, after finish University and spending some time travelling the world, he settled in Saskatoon. Prior to joining the Vendasta team he helped write and deploy software that controls satellite antenna ground stations around the world for SED Systems. Most of Craig’s evenings are spent hanging out with his lovely wife and two young daughters (often learning more about My Little Pony then he ever intended). When he has some free time to himself, he enjoys Ultimate Frisbee, board gaming, or just having a beer with good people.

Craig Taylor
Craig Taylor has lived all across Canada; from his hometown of Calgary where his love for the Flames was ignited, to the small town of Antigonish Nova Scotia where he met his wife and graduated from St.FX. When Craig is not charming the pants off potential partners, He's exploring his new found home of Saskatoon and rowing on the south Saskatchewan. As a dual citizen of Canada and the UK, Craig loves to hop over to Europe whenever possible to scratch that travel itch.
Dale Birtch

Dale Birtch may have moved to Saskatchewan for love, but this computer systems expert from Haileybury, Ontario has completely embraced Saskatchewan's way of life. With varied interests such as Curling, Golfing and taking motorcycle trips, every change of season for Dale is occasion to indulge in something new. What really got us interested in him—apart from the boring stuff like his 7 years experience in medical IT—was that he has actually built himself a ‘67 VW Beetle for drag racing. After we confirmed that he didn't have any outstanding speeding tickets, we decided to hire him as a QA Tester.

Dale Bruce Hopkins

Dale Bruce Hopkins, with an engineering physics degree from the U of S and several years of software experience under his belt, co-founded LucidHelix Solutions in 2008. The company specialized in diagnostic software for digital television networks, employing seven developers at its peak. Dale is a certified snowboard instructor and a CrossFit cultist who visits the gym at least once a day.

Dallas Bobryk
Dallas Bobryk spends most of the winter at a hockey rink helping coach both of his daughters. During the summer months you can find him sitting on the sidelines watching his daughters play fastball. When not doing one of those two things, he enjoys playing video games and spending time at the cabin with his family.
Dan Stumph

Dan Stumph was born in Yorkton before embarking on a never-ending journey throughout North America. At the age of seven, his family travelled throughout the United States and Canada with a missions organization. In that time he saw five provinces and over 30 states. He then took Visual Communications at Medicine Hat College before moving back to Yorkton and starting his own design and photography business. Dan is thrilled to be part of Vendasta's design team and is excited for life in Saskatoon. He still enjoys doing photography and, in his spare time, you can find him with his wife and kids.

Danielle Dale

Danielle Dale was born and raised in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Her first adventure away from home led her to Halifax while pursuing a degree in Russian Studies through Dalhousie University. This eventually led her to a study abroad in Saint Petersburg where she rediscovered her love for studio art. She is currently working towards her BFA. In her free time, Dani enjoys all forms of art including painting, photography and writing.

David Sibley

David Sibley can be found on the water rowing or keeping warm on rowing machines during the 9 months of SK winters. When he's not rowing he's often playing volleyball, guitar, or volunteering in the city. A product of the Univeristy of Saskatchewan and a morbid curiousity for all things tech related, he's joind Vendasta as Software Developer. David is highly competitive and welcomes the Vendasta Foosball Challenge.

Devon Hennig

Devon Hennig used to be a game show host, but now he’s director of demand generation for Vendasta’s marketing department. With a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Saskatchewan and experience teaching advertising classes at the University of Toronto, he knows his way around local media and social networks better than he knows his own neighbourhood. He doesn't program, but his favourite chess player is Magnus Carlsen, and he once sold a rare Pez dispenser for $180. How's that for geeky?

Diane Herron

Diane Herron comes from a creative & entrepreneurial background. Successfully running her own boudoir & wedding photography business she’s also experienced in office management and administration. An animal lover, Diane is a devoted mom to a cat named Berlios and has volunteered at elephant and wildlife centers. In her spare time, she enjoys reading (her favourite books are about symbolism in movies) and board games.

Dumiso Mpofu
Dumiso Mpofu was born in Manchester, England and spent five years in Dubai before settling here in the prairies with his family. He graduated from the U of S with a degree in Operations Management and ran a painting franchise with College Pro during his studies. Outside of work he is a fitness enthusiast and food fanatic. His favourite thing to do is be active so you might find him at a boxing gym, rock climbing, or playing a pick-up game of basketball somewhere in the city. When he's not being active, he's either listening to a Joe Rogan podcast while cooking up a new dish, or getting together with his friends for one of their regular potlucks. Dumiso is super excited to see what kind of an impact he can make through the Partner Success team here at Vendasta!
Dustin Walker

Dustin Walker grew up fascinated by Lego and the ways in which large structures could be formed from many smaller individual pieces. The same sort of patterns in software drive his passion for development. His free time is typically spent playing electric guitar — making the ugliest noises possible — or being absorbed in a book.

Dylan Erikson
Dylan Erikson is a graduate of the Edwards School of Business at the University of Saskatchewan, who previously worked in forestry and commercial real estate appraisal. However, by being employed at Vendasta, he has an opportunity to work in a field that excites him: technology! He is big music fan, and will randomly noodle on his guitar instead of learning actual pieces of music. A football and basketball enthusiast, he also enjoys participating in other activities like croquet, disk golf, fantasy football and board/video games.
Ed O'Keefe
Ed O'Keefe is heading up Vendasta's Marketplace. Ed powers mass sales channels of thousands of reps with a breadth of innovative products. Anticipating innovations for forthcoming problems, he has successfully owned and built organizations in both large media and start up environments. Having lived and operated some of these ventures internationally, Ed is a lead strategist in Vendasta's internationalization blueprint, forging essential relationships in North America, Europe and further. An ambitious visionary who's passion is rivalled only by his keen sense of business acumen, Ed has long been a pioneer in the digital advertising ecosystem. Aligning pertinent vendors, a rapidly growing salesforce and Vendasta's vision is not only Ed's job, but what he is resoundingly passionate about.
Elia Tarasoff

Elia Tarasoff — Born and raised in Saskatoon, Elia is a 30-something who muses about the long-term future of humanity. For example, he knows that for Saskatoon to be powered solely by electricity, it would require a flywheel as large as an office building and as heavy as ten office buildings. When in the real world, you may find him lifting weights, biking or shooting targets. He has an honours degree in Computer Science and is happy to be testing for Vendasta!

Ellen Hunks
Ellen Hunks AKA Ellen Hanks. She likes long walks on the beach and other things that super tall people do. She's the recent widow of <Spoiler Alert> Professor Snape and is valued at 5000 puppies, because that's approximately how many dogs she has. Our records indicate that she has sailed at least one of the seven seas, visiting and presumably conquering strange and exotic lands such as Morroco, France, Mexico and Martensville. Her conquering days behind her, she now works as a Data Analyst here at Vendasta. In her free time, she balances on the delicate edge of motherhood and sanity, coaches rhythmic gymnastics, and expands her literary empire. With a heart bigger than hands could ever hold, she makes friends with all she meets, refusing to be a supporting character in life. She's also probably the cousin of Tom Hanks, based on their similar height and last name.
Emily Howe

Emily Howe, a Saskatoon native, has studied CST at SIAST's Kelsey Campus and has a diploma in basic accounting. She spent three years working in London, England as a programmer for various companies after which she decided to bring her experience and love for all things Muppets back home. Emily's role at Vendasta involves testing software and finding bugs — luckily, they are not the kind that fly around and scare the bejesus out of her.

Erik Schick

Erik Schick has always liked to juggle as many interests as he can manage. He is working towards a degree in Computer Science at the U of S, but when he’s not studying he’s doing his own side projects and researching whatever grabs his interest. Being a singer who can play more instruments than he can count on one hand, Erik spends a lot of his time composing music or collaborating with others. With whatever other time he finds, Erik enjoys doing improv comedy, cooking, and studying language. He’s always happy to hear a joke or strike up a conversation, especially in French or Spanish.

Erin Bowman
Erin Bowman
Erin /ˈɛrɪn/
1. The winner of an argument.
"The champion emerged from the debate like a victorious Erin."
1. Win an argument
"After disproving all of his opponents hypothesis, it was clear he was about to Erin."
As Manager of the Partner Support department, Erin is both Leader and Spirit Animal to the entire team, much like the ancient Egyptian Pharaoh's who were both diety and leader to their people, only way more Canadian. No one is really sure where Erin came from. Her first appearance was documented in the sleepy town of Saskatoon, where it's rumoured she spent her childhood. However, there have also been sightings in Malaysia, Singapore and Mexico. Some say Erin is a myth, others, a legend. Some say she guards untold riches beyond your wildest dreams, that can only be won by beating her at shinny. A word of warning though, Erin is undefeated.
Evan Knight

Evan Knight hails from Vancouver, British Columbia and is still trying to figure out how to survive at any temperature below +5 degrees celsius. When he's not creating ads for the Digital Agency team at Vendasta you can usually find him at the coffee shop optimizing his PPC campaigns, planning his next hike, and upvoting cat videos on reddit; all simultaneously of course.

Evan Salter

Evan Salter is a total nerd when it comes to technology, and has been fascinated by the world of computers for as long as he can remember. It was a no-brainer for him to pursue a computer science degree and a career as a developer, which brought him to an internship with Vendasta. Born and raised in Saskatchewan, his hobbies include spending time at the lake in the summer and shovelling snow the rest of the year. Away from the office, Evan enjoys being outdoors, spending time with friends and family, and of course, Netflix.

George Leith

George Leith is our VP of Sales. When he heard about our platform, he knew it was THE thing in online reputation management, and he knew he wanted to be the one to sell it. Since then, not only has George massively expanded our sales efforts, but also helped our partners sell our software to thousands of local businesses across a number of verticals. When someone tells him he is a wizard of sales, he good naturedly dismisses it, and then brings $20,000 worth of business for a partner in just three calls.

Ginger Domingo

Ginger Domingo joins Vendasta as an accounting analyst. She moved from the Philippines in 2011 and brought with her a love for swimming, baking, and crafting. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management, and has explored several different opportunities such as marketing, event management, customer service, and bookkeeping. On the weekends, you will find Ginger cheering on her son in basketball. One day, Ginger dreams of opening her own lakefront pastry shop. Wouldn’t that be nice?

Glen Bowie

Glen Bowie is a West side kid turned sales superstar! Glen comes to Vendasta with over 10 years experience in Sales and finance. In his spare time he enjoys activities with his 4 kids and he also finds time to get out and roll a mean game of bowling! Anyone up for a challenge? Glen will take on all pretenders to his bowling throne.

Graham Holtslander

Graham Holtslander is a dedicated student-for-life. He is currently immersed in Javascript, gaining inspiration from JS Conf US 2015 and working to develop his front-end skills. Graham’s passion for tech doesn’t stop when he leaves the office. He has worked on numerous personal projects, from the Rubber Duck Debugger to Pretty Pull Requests, to volunteering as mentor for Ladies Learning Code.

Grant Scoular

Grant Scoular joined us from the University of Saskatchewan where he got a master's degree studying the polar cap ionosphere and a bachelor's degree in engineering physics. Now he's got the long title of "Technical Business Development Specialist." We don’t know what any of it means, but it sounds fancy. In his free time he likes cooking, brewing wine and cider, playing ultimate frisbee and strumming the guitar.

Gregory Tomney
Gregory Tomney is from the east coast originally; born in Halifax, grew up in New Brunswick and returned to Halifax to attend University at Saint Mary's, studying physics. In 2012, he moved to Saskatoon to do his Master's Thesis work on the STOR-M tokamak (a prototype for a nuclear fusion reactor) at the U of S. Greg is an avid skier and was stoked to ski Banff when he moved out west. His more mellower pursuits include playing the piano, although he has been without since trading his Hammond electric organ for a bag of Vietnamese instant coffee. Kijiji is a strange website.
Guy Kelsey

Guy Kelsey rides a longboard. His Ultimate Frisbee team is named after Che Guevara. He's also our VP, X Projects, an experienced executive who has spent twenty years building software for big industrial and agriculture companies. It seems like these personas ought to clash, but Guy has some kind of Zen balance thing going, he makes it work.

Haley Babich

Haley Babich was born and raised in Saskatoon. She has a great passion for reading; fantasy and science fiction worlds for the most part. She likes to travel to new and exciting places, including India, Australia, and Europe. She enjoys hiking in the rockies and going to music festivals with her family. She comes to Vendasta as a Digital Agent from a firm background in retail. She also spends some of her time babysitting for the families she used to work with as a nanny and for her sister with her new niece.

Heawan Woldermicheal

Heawan Woldermicheal joined Vendasta after hearing only great things about this growing tech oasis; she saw that it was voted the #1 place to work in Saskatoon by Flow Magazine, and jumped onboard as a Digital Agent. As a killer basketball player and compassionate individual, when she’s not on the court, she works with at risk youth and mothers at a local group home. Her pastimes include enjoying the marvelous tales of JK Rowling, and learning from the likes of Manly P Hall, and Osho, as well as re-watching her extensive collection of Al Pacino movies. Catch her on Snapchat!

Heidi Abramyk
Heidi Abramyk is what some would call a content-a-holic. Luckily, she can write to her heart's content in the content marketing team. She is among the select breed that finds the subject of local SEO and business listing citations absolutely fascinating. Heidi enjoys words (especially the best ones), designing (in every form but hand drawing) and formulating content strategies to take over the digital marketing world.
House Lee

House Lee hails from Shenzhen, China where he worked as a programmer before moving to Canada. He chose to brave the cold and the mosquitoes to pursue his MSc degree at the University of Saskatchewan. Instead of exercising at the gym, House prefers to program in front of a computer all day (which explains his "beer belly"). House loves programming, and he won the Asia Bronze award of ACM-ICPC while working on his bachelor degree. Outside of work, he likes cooking and photography. He is a highly decorated chef of Chinese cuisine - in his mind. His wife would beg to differ.

Jace Muggli

Jace Muggli is a washed up athlete turned recreational sports superstar. He hopes to bring a certain competitiveness, as well as a strong mix of experience and open mindedness to the SDR team here at Vendasta. He has honed his people skills in the automotive industry for the previous 3 years but has also worked in many trades ranging from bartending to arborist work. He is a lover of good music and good eats who one day hopes to travel the world in search of different degrees of both.

Jacqueline Cook

Jacqueline Cook has lived in New York, Mexico and Switzerland, and has ventured all over the world. Her bagpiping skills, however, were acquired here in her hometown of Saskatoon. Jacqueline is an alumni of the Next 36 entrepreneurial program, where she honed her enterprising ability and technology skills. She was a Canadian youth ambassador at the G8/G20 Summits in 2010, sporting a blazer rather than a ski mask. She is a former midfielder on the U of S soccer team, and currently sits on the board of Care & Share Saskatoon and Recess Guardians.

Jacqueline Gillespie
Jacqueline Gillespie AKA Jackal AKA Jayquellin AKA The Unburnt Queen of the Prairies, Khaleesi of the Great Grass Sea, Drinker of Coffee, Mother of Malamutes. Born and razed in Saskatoon, but a whirl-wind of unforeseen events ripped her away from her homeland. Thrust into the cruel reality of 'not Saskatoon', she has braved the frigid, sun-forsaken winters of the Canadian Arctic and the barren, inferno of the Desert. Made her way through the endless mists of England and spent two treacherous years in the hellish wasteland of Vancouver, finally finding refuge at Vendasta in the warm embrace of Partner Support. She likes to write (novels!), hike through forests, explore ruins, avoid sunlight and do various other things that typically require travelling out of province (or country...or continent), all while taking a billion pictures of moss and stuff.
Jamie Taylor

Jamie Taylor comes to Vendasta from Burlington Ontario as our Content Marketing Strategist. Prior to joining us, Jamie was an NLL lacrosse player, ad copywriter and produced screenwriter. When he's not mulling over words, chess or fitness regimes, Jamie takes to his true passion in raising a Siberian Forest cat from a melodramatic feline to the true beast he naturally is.

Janessa Yeomans
Janessa Yeomans, AKA Iron Butterfly was raised on a small farm in Saskatchewan, and if you've ever met her, it's obvious what they were farming - awesomeness. Comprised of equal parts discipline and grace, Janessa's expertise in synchronized swimming and in raising young, toddler-sized mini-Janessa's is unsurprising, and she has rightfully earned her prestigious alias. Janessa is ever the voice of encouragement, especially if she is trying to get you to do something for her, but she is quick to drop everything at a moments notice to lend a hand where needed. If you ever need to go shopping for bathing suits, she's your woman, armed with little-known, helpful tips such as 'you should get a 100% polyester swim suit because polyester doesn't stretch." Did you know that? I didn't know that!
Jaret Martens
Jaret Martens (AKA Janet, Jared, and Karet) spent his first life in the forsaken realm of Hepburn, Saskatchewan. A few lines of code later, he found himself in the promised land of Saskatoon where he was reincarnated as a Technical Support Specialist. While he does spend much of his time troubleshooting, his heart of hearts is drawn to a different cause: writing. He is the author of several novels, all of which are almost as dramatic as he is. Other notable feats include scaling mountains, slaying demons, and laughing at a doge meme or two. Described as pensive, sarcastic, modest, and -- above all -- perfect, Jaret is a firm believer in first being kind, then being kinder.
Jason Chabot
Jason Chabot Bio coming soon!
Jason Coutu

Jason Coutu is a busy man. A former heavy equipment operator and northern fishing guide, he raised three kids while simultaneously working full-time as a software tester and acquiring his master's in computer science from the University of Saskatchewan. Jason coaches mini-soccer and speed skating and, in what's left of his spare time, tinkers with radio-controlled aircraft.

Jason Dahl

Jason Dahl completed an internship for IBM and graduated with a Bachelors in Computer Science from the U of S. He is now a software developer at Vendasta. He enjoys video games. No, in fact, he loves them! He also enjoys home brewing beer and sharing it with his friends. When he’s not programming at work, Jason likes to dabble in game development. Jason considers himself to be a pretty decent cook, and loves catering for his friends, especially when they’re at the lake or out by the BBQ.

Jason Prokop

Jason Prokop used to do chemical engineering, but decided he preferred pipelines that carried data rather than oil and gas. Now Jason is pursuing his lifelong interest in computer science as a software developer intern here at Vendasta. Some of his favourite things include canoeing, exploring strange new music genres and dreaming about the future of human-computer interactions.

Jean Parchewsky

Jean Parchewsky Jean is passionate about where the people and the operations collide in business. Spending the last 15 years growing and developing retail brands throughout Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba, she values how people make all the difference in a company. Jean is responsible for driving a phenomenal culture where employees are engaged, rewarded and perform at their best. Encouraging personal development, effective communication and performance from our teams while recruiting and bringing on board the best new talent, Jean strives to maintain Vendasta's recognition as the best place to work in Saskatoon. Jean graduated from the University of Saskatchewan with a degree in Psychology, focusing on the socialization of groups and how people learn. Growing up in Saskatoon with three brothers means that in her down time she can be found cheering for hockey in the winter and out on the boat in the summer with her husband and two children.

Jeff Salisbury

Jeff Salisbury used to be a 3/3 flyer with haste until he was countered by some classic blue-playing snob. Now he's a lord of his own dominion, frequenting festivals, the market, and using his laboratories to draw two cards and gain an extra action. He usually wastes those on measly estates and duchies. In his spare time he enjoys exploring haunted houses with five other B-movie caricatures only to betray them time and time again. He last commanded the Terran Republic with missile gun-boat Dreadnoughts only to lose the galactic center on the last turn. He's not a big fan of the Hydrans. Later today he plans on continuing his epic 8-bit battle against the evilest of all villains, Dr. Wily. He'll also whoop you at Mario Kart 64. When he's not doing one of the above he's being ejected from the U20 Women's World Cup at BMO Field by security. In all seriousness, Jeff graduated from the Edwards School of Business at the University of Saskatchewan with a BComm in Management in 2009. He's now a member of the Sales Development Team. As the above ridiculousness surely portrays, Jeff enjoys board gaming, old-school video games, and lives to travel and watch Canada's national soccer teams. One day he'll watch the Canadian men at the World Cup. He may need to be cryogenically frozen for this to happen.

Jeff Tomlin

Jeff Tomlin holds the title of Chief Marketing Officer, and also takes responsibility for long-term planning and dreaming big. Jeff tends to stand back and look at the whole picture while his co-workers are hunched over the canvas with magnifying glasses. He's the go-to guy for questions like 'How did we get here?' and 'What's the next step?' and, of course, 'Who the heck do we think we are, anyway?'.

Jenn Freeze

Jenn Freeze used to be cool; she hosted a Sunday night radio show on CFCR 90.5 FM for a few years, spreading the word about her favourite bands to the masses (mostly her mom). That all ended in 2013 when she turned all of her attention to the world's most time-consuming book club - the English program at the University of Saskatchewan. This turns out to have been a good move, because now she's a writer with Vendasta's Digital Agency. Other than Tweeting a lot, Jenn enjoys reading, drinking tea, and watching entire seasons of television shows in as few days as possible.

Jenn Goertzen
Jenn Goertzen is a proud Saskatchewanian, recently returned from a decade-long stint in southern British Columbia, and is a Hospitality Support Worker at Vendasta. She is an avid reader, music enthusiast and researcher of anachronistic and bygone pop culture, ephemera and local history. When out and about, Jenn can usually be found partaking in local restaurants and culinary goings on, or at the local library.
Jenna Boese

Jenna Boese grew up in a rural setting that contained lots of potatoes and cats. Pursuing an interest in art and technology, Jenna asked for graphic-editing software for her 14th birthday and has been doing a mix of design and front-end web development ever since. Left to her own devices, she enjoys knitting, camping and the occasional video game.

Jenna Fingler

Jenna Fingler is our resident pianist with a Grade 8 certificate from the Royal Conservatory of Music. Born and raised in Meadow Lake, SK, she moved to Saskatoon in 2005 and earned a BSc with High Honours in Computer Science from the University of Saskatchewan. As a Software Developer at Vendasta, Jenna's role involves working on our core services architecture, monitoring for and squashing bugs, and testing. When she's not at work, she is busy playing her piano, working on mastering the guitar, and biking around the city.

Jeremy Rans

Jeremy Rans would be one of the people to blame if tiny BattleBots enslaved humanity in the future. To do our part in preventing this catastrophe, we have hired him as a software developer and try to keep him busy with all kinds of projects. Besides, somebody had to put his BSc in Computer Science, four years of enterprise programming experience, and competitive foosball skills to good use.

Jerry Gillingham
Jerry Gillingham is a grizzled retail veteran. Starting part-time during his high school years, Jerry moved up to retail management once he graduated and kept on that path until Vendasta caught his eye. In his spare time Jerry follows almost anything and everything to do with Marvel comics, enjoys some light reading, spending time with his friends and absolutely loves to cook.
Jesse Redl

Jesse Redl possesses a rare balance of tech skills and business smarts (which, combined, make him a pretty darn good poker player). Since dabbling in engineering back in university, he's worked as a software developer and business analyst, as well as a product manager at Point2 Technologies. Outside of work, he enjoys hunting, fishing, and slo-pitch - all of which come in handy at the annual Vendasta camping trip.

Jesse Rolheiser

Jesse Rolheiser grew up on a farm outside of Allan, Saskatchewan, and has only left our rectangular province a handful of times. He prefers to stick around home and watch the cows come home and the code flood in. A Computer Science graduate from the U of S, Jesse previously did research on multi surface applications in the Human Computer Interactions lab at the U of S. Jesse plays a wide variety of sports and video games, and is willing to try pretty much anything. He has more than a dozen Rubik’s cubes, which is frustrating to even picture.

Jesse Webb

Jesse Webb lives with his wife and two cats. A graduate of Computer Systems Technology (CST) from SIAST Kelsey Campus in Saskatoon, he spent the last six years working for Point2 as a Software Developer and Scrum Master. His other passion is video games, having owned a Nintendo before he could walk, and currently plays several online multiplayer games at a competitive level, while also spending heaps of time streaming on Twitch. He recently built a web-based Buy Bind Generator for the popular PC game Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

Jodie Bahrey

Jodie Bahrey was born and raised in Saskatoon. The day after graduating from highschool, she drove straight to the mountains. The travel bug took a big bite and she didn't return to the land of the living skies for 8 exciting (and broke) years. Jodie found her way back to the cold winters of Saskatoon and she’s now raising her two beautiful daughters, aged 9 and 13. She enjoys cooking for friends and family, drinking wine in the winter and beer in the summer. Jodie is happiest when she is spending time outdoors and she loves trying new things. She has just taken up paddleboarding with her daughters and they having a blast. Jodie is so grateful that her mother’s love of gardening has been passed down to her. This summer she managed to pickle carrots and beans! Jodie finds live music exciting and likes to attend as many concerts as possible, her all time favorite concert being Santana.

John Mason

John Mason has been extremely lucky and blessed to have been surrounded by wonderful and supportive people his entire life. With the help and support of many teammates, his family, and several incredible coaches he attended three years of college on a volleyball scholarship. After college he went to the UofS to sprint through his Computer Science degree while moonlighting as a bartender. He continues to play volleyball 2-4 times a week on various rec teams. When he isn't hopping around batting at inflated spherical objects he can usually be found reading, writing, cooking, or drawing through various mediums (crayon preferred). He used to play copious amounts of LoL and COD but has been gradually redirected to more 'productive' activities by the loving guidance of his girlfriend.

Jon Davis

Jon Davis grew up on the mean streets of Regina, SK and moved to Saskatoon to complete a BA in Public Administration. Jon has a varied and odd work history, including being a Bagel Baker, Server/Manager, Highway Paver, Car Detailer, Banker, Golf Caddy, and Entrepreneur. Obviously, Vendasta was most interested in the Golf Caddy experience and had to scoop Jon up post haste. Truthfully, Jon found his entrepreneurial spirit in his role with one of Western Canada's largest vertical hydroponic farming operations based in Saskatoon and brings that sense of chaotic productivity to his role at Vendasta. Boredom is the Joker to Jon's Batman, so please keep him entertained at all times.

Jon Miller

Jon Miller believes variety is the spice of life...and he likes it spicy. Jon holds a Computer Systems Technology diploma from Saskatchewan Polytechnic, but it was his self taught video and photo work that caught Vendasta’s eye. His photo work has been featured on National Geographic’s website, and he has video work with millions of views online. Aside from his visual creation and IT pursuits, Jon is always looking for a new adventure. He has been skydiving, hiked the Chillkoot in Alaska, rode 2000km on his motorcycle to hike the Skyline in Jasper, and snorkeled in Iceland. In his spare time, Jon can be found playing soccer, flying his drone, or planning his next adventure.

Jonathan Baxter
Jonathan Baxter was born and raised in Saskatoon, and has had a passion for science and technology since he was knee-high to a grasshopper. He graduated from the University of Saskatchewan with a degree in Computer Science and a minor in Chemistry. During the summer months you can find him on his road bike all around the city, and participating in different gran fondo’s. In the cold Canadian winters, he enjoys skiing in the rockies. Jonathon also holds a private pilot's licence, and he loves to go for a good fly.
Jordan Bonkowski
Jordan Bonkowski is a born and raised Saskatchewan girl who doesn't have a clue about farming. Jordan has lived in Saskatoon since 2011 and completed her Chemical Engineering degree in May 2016. After deciding that 18 straight years of school wasn't quite enough, Jordan began working towards her MBA the following September. Jordan is currently taking a break from all that book learning and is taking on a new challenge as a Vendasta Intern (coffee isn't her forte, but she can make a mean Caesar). Jordan spends her downtime making regular contributions to the Netflix empire, reading the occasional book, and trying to convince her boyfriend that getting a puppy really IS a great idea.
Jordana Knoblauch
Jordana Knoblauch is who they are talking about when they say "Big Things Come In Small Packages". This 5' 4" human is FULL of energy, loves exploring, and thrives in highly competitive environments -- that was your warning before playing Risk or MarioKart with her. Outside of Canada, she has previously held jobs in Mexico & New Zealand but is excited to be apart of the Vendasta SDR team in her hometown of Saskatoon. She is most often seen: 1) Chugging a Starbucks' Caramel Macchiato 2) Listening to a Tim Ferris podcast episode, or 3) Closing her eyes & pointing to a map to decide where her next travel destination will be.
Joshua Baker

Joshua Baker Joshua Baker is a professional filmmaker & musician, specializing in digital media storytelling. He helps people reach new audiences through engaging video. The founder of Sica Films video production studio with his wife Jessica, Josh is now applying his "analog" filmmaking instincts to communicating modern *digital* marketing solutions with Vendasta. Josh will gleefully talk shop, music, N64, Star Wars, and karaoke.

Jubaer Prodhan
Jubaer Prodhan loves the outdoors, travelling, and spending time with family and friends. He is also prone to spending hours thinking about new business strategies. Jubaer has many years of experience as an SEO Analyst and Social Media Marketer, and holds an Advanced Diploma in Digital Marketing. He is now looking forward to working with Vendasta, and for the new challenges and adventures it will bring.
Julia Epp

Julia Epp is a born and raised Saskatonian, with the exception of a stint in Winnipeg where she did her Bachelor of Arts Degree. Winnipeg has a special place in her heart, but she felt the beckoning of her people and came crawling back to Saskatchewan. Not a fan of idleness or twiddling her thumbs, Julia loves the constant business of the Digital Agency department where she resides, and feels very at home at Vendasta (the vast supply of food and candy may be a large factor in this feeling). Outside of work, Julia enjoys parenting an overweight golden retriever, reading non-fiction, running and exercising to offset her love of unhealthy food, and balancing her heavy Netlifx schedule with a social life.

Julia Payzant

Julia Payzant is a machinist by trade and can bore your engine cylinders. She would like think that most machinists aren’t as creepy as Christian Bail in The Machinist. In winter Julia likes snowboarding in the mountains and in summer she enjoys relaxing on sandbars around the city and tossing an Aerobie around. She also likes trying out new recipes in her spare time. Julia will play you in any Smash Bros game, if you’re up for the challenge.

Justin Babiy

Justin Babiy is a New Business Account Executive with the Vendasta Sales team. He comes to Vendasta with a Bachelor of Commerce degree in Finance from the University of Saskatchewan. Justin is an avid golfer and enjoys watching and playing hockey. He’s also a big Blue Jays fan and loves to travel.

Justin Guenther

Justin Guenther is a Software Developer at Vendasta who graduated from the U of S with an honours degree in bioinformatics, and continued his education in graduate school at the U of S in the department of Anatomy and Cell Biology. His passion for software development started with QBASIC in elementary school, and has continued with his contributions to open-source software and the software development component of his M.Sc. program. During the Summer Justin enjoys camping, fishing and slow-smoking meat in his backyard, where he also tries to maintain a lush garden. In Winter Justin occupies himself by reading science fiction and playing video games.

Justin Ziola

Justin Ziola graduated from the Edwards school of Business with a specialization in HR, and also holds a degree in Sociology. He is joining Vendasta as a Digital Agent with 6+ years of customer service experience. His interests usually have anything to do with music, film, photography, traveling and just hanging out with friends and having a good time. He also has a series of names that has followed him around since highschool; Juice, Juicy J, Juice-tin, Juice Newton, Newton… Call him by any of these and he is sure to respond.

Karson Braaten

Karson Braaten has travelled to many different places. From the Eiffel Tower, to the top of an active stratovolcano (Mount Merapi, Indonesia), he feels lucky to have experienced so many different cultures in his life so far. Karson has grown to love baseball and has been to more than a handful of MLB ballparks. He also plays in a slopitch league in Saskatoon. It wasn't until attending the University of Saskatchewan that he developed (no pun intended) his love for programming and graduated from computer science there. Karson has worked as a mobile developer since then. He reads a lot of books and loves to talk about them. He also enjoy writing and his first book "Remember the Good Times" is available on Amazon.

Kassigan Naicker

Kassigan Naicker doesn’t know what exactly moved him towards a career in sales, but he jumped into it nine years ago and has never looked back. Despite his one-track career profile, Kassigan is no one-trick pony: an avid golfer and a huge Edmonton Oiler’s fan, this South African-born Canadian is also an A+ certified network and Internet support specialist, and a children’s soccer coach. As Account Manager at Vendasta, he is a part of our rapidly-growing all-star sales team.

Kathleen Kelly

Kathleen Kelly has a positive mindset and zest for life that are hard to miss: she firmly believes that almost anything in life can be remedied with a hot cup of tea and a blanket. As a hobbyist writer and proud owner of a BA in English, she's excited to be able to engage in her passion as a Digital Agency Writer with Vendasta. Imaginative and creative, she enjoys plummeting into various forms of art, including writing fantasy, drawing, and painting (traditionally and digitally). When she does climb out of the her art cave, you can find her indulging her inner geek - playing video games, reading novels, or playing a little D&D with her friends - as well as doing yoga and AcroYoga, or enjoying craft beer (but not all at the same time).

Kathryn Darling
Kathryn Darling is a student at the U of S, attending the Edwards School of Business where she is working towards a Commerce degree with a major in Management. She is an east coast girl who was born in New Brunswick and has since moved an incredible seven times. She has lived in Calgary, Alberta and Burlington, Ontario, just to name a few. Kathryn speaks English, French, and elementary Spanish (enough to ask which way to the beach). This comes in handy on family vacations to Mexico where she enjoys visiting the buffet and snorkelling with stingrays, fish, and sea turtles. Her favourite food is cheese, and she likes to think that she can incorporate it into any meal. When not at work, she can be found petting a dog or dancing and singing along at any (almost every single) country concert. She is excited to start her 8 month co-operative work placement with Vendasta!
Katie Salmers

Katie Salmers graduated from the University of Saskatchewan in 2014 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in English. While her seven-year jaunt through university should have been fatal, she managed to not only survive but thrive in a variety of customer service environments. With a passion for people, she has navigated multiple fields including personal fitness, chocolate, radio, tea, and denim. After ten years in retail, she decided to try something new with the Digital Agency team at Vendasta.

Kayla Zieske
Kayla Zieske is a lover of technology, hash tags, puppy videos and shoulder pads. Born and raised in Kelowna, she left warm, sunny BC to pursue career opportunities in the prairies. Bringing over 12 years of sales management and customer service experience to the table as a Partner Success Manager. In her spare time she can be found designing jewellery, being crafty (the artsy kind - not the diabolical, villains laughing around a table kind) and participating in epic Nerf gun wars.
Kelly Tidalgo
Kelly Tidalgo is an ice cream enthusiast and adores her dog, Perry. Along with loving long walks accompanied by ice cream and her dog, you can also catch her practicing yoga, dancing, on a Netflix binge, or cozied up at a cafe with her bullet journal and a good book. Kelly didn’t know what to expect after tackling a BA in English from the U of S, but she’s excited it’s as a Writer for Vendasta’s Digital Agency.
Keshan Huang

Keshan Huang was born in Fuzhou, the capital of southeastern China's Fujian province and close to Northern Tropic. He finished his first bachelor degree in Pharmacy, but an internship in a drug store, he decided pharmacy was not for him. He chose Computer Science for his second degree, because he was intrigued how 1s and 0s could describe the world. He also decided he wanted to live in a country that is not quite so hot in summer - so, Canada it is! He started with Newfoundland, but was horrified with their winter. It snowed more than 330cm that year, and the campus was closed 5 times due to the severe winter storm. So Keshan decided to give Saskatoon a try for the remainder of his Computer Science degree. He has since fallen in love with this clean and peaceful city, and he is very excited to be working in an intern position as a software developer at Vendasta. In his spare time, Keshan plays a lot of video games such as League of Legends and World of Warcraft. He is also getting pretty good at cooking, especially Fujian cuisine.

Kevin Harder

Kevin Harder is a meatatarian. He can’t eat raw fruits or vegetables and generally feels that even if he could he doesn't understand why people eat salads. He plays ball hockey when he can, but most of his spare time is spent with his three daughters and shuttling them to their countless activities. At Vendasta, Kevin is the Finance Manager who brings with him a Chartered Professional Accountant designation and almost a decade of experience in financial management, internal controls and financial reporting.

Kevin Lutzer
Kevin Lutzer completed university with an Electrical Engineering and Comp Sci dual degree. However, his passion for programming computers made him want to work as a software developer. He is an avid movie watcher and tries every week to catch a 'Toonie Tuesday' movie. He also loves to build and make things. Most nights you can find Kevin in his garage tinkering with anything from fighting robots to clay sculptures.
Kristin Van Esch

Kristin Van Esch was an acclaimed Furniture Repair Technician, before joining the Digital Agency team at Vendasta. She spends her evenings either playing video games, or preparing for the next upcoming Comic Convention. She is always willing to have a comic book or Star Wars friendly debate. Kristin’s weekends tend to be filled with charity work with her husband, or maintaining one of her many small businesses including Interior Painter and Toy Maker. Her three kids are proof that she can manage to hang onto her last thread of sanity - though she has no problem taking them down a peg in Mario Kart!

Kristofor Amundson

Kristofor Amundson graduated from the University of Saskatchewan with a degree in Computer Science. Prior to joining Vendasta as a developer, he worked for the local book store, McNally Robinson, where he was granted first access to some of his favourite fiction classics including A Song of Ice and Fire and Twilight. In addition to being an avid reader, Kristofor is a board game enthusiast and gets his kicks from coming up with terrible puns. He might tell you a joke about chemistry but he would be afraid of not getting a reaction.

Kyle Sheasby

Kyle Sheasby graduated from the U of S with a BSc in Computer Engineering, and joined Vendasta as a Developer. Ever since he was a kid he has been interested in electronics and computer coding; he started by building Lego Mindstorms robots. From there the progression took him into Computer Engineering. Kyle was a member and coordinator of the U of S Robotics Club. They programmed microcontrollers and built mini sumo-bots. Kyle is from Calgary and has always had a love for the outdoors, especially the mountains. He enjoys running, hiking, camping, downhill and cross-country skiing whenever he gets the time. He is also an avid sports fan and nary an evening goes by when he is not found watching some game of hockey, baseball or football. He also played hockey and soccer starting in elementary school until he graduated high school.

Landon McTavish

Landon McTavish graduated from Edwards School of Business with a B.Comm Degree, majoring in Marketing. For the past four years he’s focused on growing his online retail store Koalalogic.ca. For fun he likes to snowboard, wakeboard and surf, and recently returned home from a five month backpacking journey through Central America. While there Landon got his scuba diving certification and jumped off some huge waterfalls. Now he’s on our sales team looking for new adventures, closing deals that surface as much adrenaline.

Lee Clark

Lee Clark: superstar sales person by day, superstar rec league athlete by night. Lee comes to Vendasta with 10 years sales experience and in his free time loves to play sports, listen to music or spend time with his friends. Word on the street is that Lee has been challenged to approximately 25 dance battles and has never lost. Lee also loves to write, particularly his own bios, where he can exaggerate his dancing skills and athletic talent.

Leo Melnyk

Leo Melnyk graduated from Computer Systems Technology at Saskatchewan Polytechnic in Saskatoon. Playing around with game editors at a young age made for an easy transition into software development. He had played far too much World of Warcraft in his younger years, but made many lasting friendships along the way. He can be found improving his billiards skills at the Snooker Shack nearly every Saturday.

Levi Paradis

Levi Paradis is from Bengough Saskatchewan, a town with less than 300 people. He grew up on his family's cattle ranch and ran a welding business on the side with his Dad. He left for the bright lights of Saskatoon in 2012 to attend U of S for geology. He eventually got bored of looking at rocks all day, decided that the exciting world of technology suited him better, and switched to Computer Science. In his spare time, Levi enjoys outdoor activities such as hunting and golfing. He is excited to be working at Vendasta on a Computer Science internship.

Lorie Willms

Lorie Willms is the Last Unicorn. It is rumoured that she will never die because she might not even exist in earthly form. The mere fact that we can even perceive her in this world of agony and despair is an enigma, wrapped in a mystery, wrapped in a riddle, wrapped in glitter with rainbow sprinkles. There is even an old saying about her: "not all that glitters is Lorie".
Those who encounter Lorie are instantly bestowed with happiness and laughter. Lorie's personality powers the Sun and her laughter creates the winds that blow over the earth. By the way, those Northern Lights you sometimes see? That's her personality glinting off her earrings. If humankind could harness the power of Lorie, we would have enough clean energy to power the galaxy for eternity (because she can't die)! Alas, Lorie is a wild spirit and can never be captured or tamed. You can catch a glimpse of her in the early hours at the office, if you're lucky, but don't expect her to stick around long enough for a picture. This woman is always on the run, which is a feat in itself because she's always in the most stylish heels!

Magdalena Dickinson

Magdalena Dickinson was born in Poland, raised in Chicago, and is now living in Warman. A woman of many interests, she once rescued a chipmunk. She has since moved on to bigger critters, and will gladly whip out her phone to show you her gallery of photos of her two cats. Her "go for it" attitude has led her to move from the Windy City to the City of Bridges shortly after college. She graduated from DePaul University with a degree in communications, and came here to live with her husband. Shortly after unpacking her bags, she decided to follow her passion, and that has lead her to Vendasta's Digital Agency team.

Mandi Newman

Mandi Newman is a typical Type A personality. She’s a lover of lists, calendars and organization — even her closet is color-coded. After graduating with a B.B.A. from the University of Regina in 2010, she joined the sales and finance world with Scotiabank. She is now the Manager of Operations at Vendasta, and looks forward to building relationships and, of course, making many lists.

Manveer Poonian
Manveer Poonian has a Bachelors of Engineering from India’s silicon valley, in Bangalore. After university, he joined one of the biggest IT companies in India, INFOSYS Limited, as Systems Engineer. While working there, he took up salsa dancing and developed a passion for it. He also became involved in initiatives to build schools and provide food to people in need. Following his move to Canada, Manveer joined the SIAST Moose Jaw campus to study business which led him to a job at CIBC Bank as a Financial Service Representative and finally to Vendasta, as a Business Operations Data Analyst(we’re keeping him). Manveer loves to travel and his dream is to visit Europe. He also enjoys riding motorbikes.
Mason Mohkami

Mason Mohkami earned his master's in Computer Science from U of S, specializing in social computing. He joined us after experiencing in the mobile development space. He is always challenging himself to improve, and taking advantage of any space to grow. He is a music lover, and he has started teaching himself music theory, guitar, and bass. He loves reading books (especially non-fiction) and talking with others to learn from them. Did I mention that he takes any opportunity to start a conversation? Shoot him a message to see that for yourself!

Matthew Fyfe

Matthew Fyfe is a graduate of the Computer Systems Technology course at the institution formerly known as SIAST. One of his proudest achievements there was winning the intramural dodgeball league! His interests are as varied as the work he does at Vendasta as our newest maintenance administrator. When not at work, you can find him trying to cook foreign food, taming neighborhood cats, longboarding around the city, or even dungeon mastering his own home brew board games. Every day is something new!

Meghan Folnovic
Meghan Folnovic was born and raised in Regina, SK (hold the groans). She recently completed her B.A. Honours in International Studies from the University of Saskatchewan where she analysed light-hearted topics like terrorism and genocide on a daily basis. When she is not at work, she is either catching up on the latest brain-numbing reality TV series or aimlessly cruising around the city to Frank Ocean. Her true love, though, is travelling. She is excited to challenge herself in the land of technology as the newest Partner Education & Support Specialist at Vendasta.
Mel Kozun
Mel Kozun was born and raised in Saskatoon - and we forgive her for briefly leaving this amazing city to attend the University of Alberta in Edmonton. Upon returning, she found herself working in the field of radio broadcasting for 6 years before finding her way to Vendasta. She is soon to be married, fur mama to two pups, live music enthusiast (with a particular obsession for British musicians) and loves adding stamps to her passport. Mel is thrilled to be a member of the Vendasta team!
Melissa Kraft

Melissa Kraft doesn’t know anything about sports but while studying at the UofS, she decided it was time to learn! So she chose to play tennis because it has the best outfits. There was a similar thought process when she was choosing a career path and had a desire to add professional clothing and shoes to her wardrobe. After five years in public accounting and obtaining her CPA designation, she joins Vendasta as an Accounting Coordinator. Melissa can often be found in the back row of any trending fitness class, wandering through the malls, discussing the Bachelor, or wherever there is wine.

Merridew Smith

Merridew Smith A.K.A Dew, is a young creative who thrives in the digital world. She has been an active member of online communities since the age of 6, and an avid gamer since coming home to a new N64 when she was 5. Her role at Vendasta as a Content Strategist perfectly fits her personality as a lover of the digital world and creative arts. Dew spends a lot of time masquerading as an amateur illustrator, painting digital and traditional portraits in her down time, and she is pursuing an English degree part-time at the U of S. When she isn't creating interesting content, Dew can often be found playing indie and retro games, spiraling deep into the internet abyss, or binging Netflix shows.

Michael Brennan

Michael Brennan is our bean counter, ledger lover, penny processor. He’s our numbers guy. Michael began his career at Deloitte & Touche in Saskatoon, and then made a spontaneous mid-winter decision to join Ernst & Young in Bermuda. He has worked overseas for 17 years, many of those with Bacardi Limited. Michael held executive positions at Bacardi in Bermuda and Switzerland, including global treasurer and VP finance and corporate controller. Michael and his family returned to Saskatoon in July, a time much easier to picture living in Saskatchewan.

Michael Bullock

Michael Bullock graduated with a masters degree from the U of S, where he studied video delivery over the web. Now, Michael’s joining the Vendasta team as a software developer. In his free time you’ll find him on the lake floating around in a boat or water skiing. When the lakes are frozen solid, as tends to happen here, Michael likes to shoot pool and sip on fine homemade wines.

Michael Geeraert

Michael Geeraert is a software engineering student hailing from a land overflowing with Cowboys and Hydrocarbons. He is here on a 16 month internship and intends on learning as much as he can from his watermelon hat wearing brethren, as well as enjoying the beautiful city of Saskatoon. When he is not writing binary laden with sweet logical poetry, he enjoys tinkering in his garage on DIY projects. Welding, woodworking, microcontrollers/electronics and mechanics are usually large components of these projects. He is always looking for new things to learn and try.

Michael Greve
Michael Greve AKA Crazy Hair or Wreck-It Ralph. When his hair is long you would swear he just walked out of a laboratory explosion. He is interested in establishing as many personas as possible - to which he refers to as "DnD characters" - you can often find him encased in numerous "rule books" with pencil and paper. Never one to shy from a challenge, Michael has become adept at all manners of games. Should you wish to view this marvelous creature, you will find him within the DA department, hunched over a laptop creating websites.
Michael Patola

Michael Patola is an account executive here at Vendasta. An eastside Saskatoon man who graduated from the U of S with a BA in Political Studies, Michael found an instant connection with the sales profession. Since then, he’s been a sales machine, decimating anything that swerves into his lane. Michael also manages a photo blog that centers around pro sports photography and mid-century modern architecture. An easy going spirit who fancies himself as a massage therapist/Qi-gong master, when he’s not working, you can usually find him daydreaming about potentially brilliant/stupid ideas.

Michael Reimer

Michael Reimer spent 6 years in the web design industry and he’s now happy to be one of Vendasta’s UX/UI designers. He couldn't convince his wife to move to Alberta (where he’s from), so he came to Saskatchewan 4 years ago and hasn’t looked back since. Michael has recently moved to Martensville to raise his family. When he’s not designing you can find him playing ball hockey in the SBHL, getting a crossfit WOD in or spending some quality time with his wife and two daughters.

Michele Kerr

Michele Kerr grew up in lil’ ol’ Oxbow, Saskatchewan. After school she moved to Scotland and then traveled around Europe for a year. This gave Michele a deep appreciation for siesta-ing and wine. She loves to cook for friends and family and travel as often as possible. When she's not at the gym, Michele likes to play pretty much any sport, jump off cliffs, read, or lie in the sun. Michele has her education in Business Management with Human Resources, Marketing and Entrepreneurship. She is bringing her secret ninja skills and putting them to work for Vendasta’s Digital Agency.

Micheline Gaudet

Micheline Gaudet left her small town of Bellevue, Saskatchewan behind to pursue a degree in Commerce from the U of S in “the big city” after high school. Despite her new city digs, she is still but a country girl at heart. This is very evident when the country music starts playing, as she cannot help but slip on her boots and dance, even sometimes embarrassingly so. She is constantly trying new fitness classes and becomes obsessed with them... for about three weeks before ditching it and starting something new. She may be small, but her vibrant laugh and fiery liveliness make her to be a mighty friend to have in your corner.

Michelle Groden

Michelle Groden was born and raised in Saskatoon. Even as a little girl, Michelle has spent her entire life in sales. As most girls were playing house, wedding or dress up, Michelle played store. A couple years after graduation, she picked up and moved to Montreal with her now husband to pursue, you guessed it, sales! She now spends her free time with her husband, and two beautiful children. Her youngest, a girl, and her son. A million dollar family, if you will. With her extensive sales experience, awesome fashion sense and unfathomable wit, Michelle is bringing her A game to our sales team.

Myron Kindrachuck
Myron Kindrachuck graduated from the Edwards School of Business with a B.Comm Degree, majoring in Operations Management. The past three years he worked as an Outside Sales rep for a multi billion dollar corporation specializing in the fluid transport industry, and wholesale sales to mechanical contractors. When he's not working as an evening bartender or a weekend DJ, you can find him outside enjoying a good swing of the golf clubs and relaxing at his family cabin. Myron has always had a passion for extreme sports whether its wakeboarding, surfing, snowboarding or mountain biking, you can find him outdoors getting injured. But a broken neck and a torn ACL didn't slow him down as he recently returned home from a trip to the middle east. After a month in Abu Dhabi and Dubai riding camels and driving super cars (Sheikh and Bake) its time to come back to reality and get back to the grind starting with the sales team.
Naresh LaBar
Naresh LaBar will forever be known as the Vendastian with the broken wing, but he didn't let that get in the way starting his new job (it only takes one hand to click the mouse). Growing up in a multi-cultural family has allowed Naresh to experience everything from driving tractors around his Grandparent's prairie farm, to snorkeling among the coral reefs off the beach of a Malaysian island. Naresh spent his University career at the U of S obtaining a degree in Toxicology. After some time, he decided a career studying poisons was a little too doom and gloom. Naresh has a strong background in sales and service. On his down time, you'll probably find Naresh playing Nintendo games, getting his dance on at large music festivals, or cruising the streets in his babied Integra from the 90's.
Natahna Lema

Natahna Lema is pleased as punch about having a paid gig as a Digital Agency Writer at Vendasta. She is excited about free food, excited about working with the best and brightest, and most of all excited to use, at long last, her Bachelor of Arts with High Honours in English from the University of Saskatchewan. Besides her new husband (Hi Sam!), Natahna’s true love is writing poetry, and counts this as her second full time job. Come say hi! You’ll probably have more in common than your mutual love of free food.

Nathan Poellet

Nathan Poellet has always loved making things. Self-motivated and largely self-taught, in his free time Nathan runs his own video game company, Monoclesoft. While waiting for his career as a game designer to take off, he's worked at a variety of Saskatoon tech companies, always maintaining his focus on usability and design.

Nikola Levnaich
Nikola Levnaich has a Bachelor's Degree in Geology and worked as a wellsite geologist for five years before joining Vendasta. Born in Hamilton and raised in Cambridge ON, he moved to Saskatoon in 2010 to join his wife Erin in this beautiful city which is also her hometown. Nikola's favourite hobbies include playing and watching Canadian football, fossil collecting, bird watching, and globetrotting. He excited to join Vendasta as a Sales Development Representative.
Nitesh Jaiswal
Nitesh Jaiswal is originally from Bombay, India, and has been living in Canada for 6 years. He completed his Bachelors of Technology degree in electronics & telecommunications from Bombay, and a post graduate diploma in project management from Toronto in 2011. Nitesh came to Canada as part of a student program, and he liked it so much he decided to stay. His past professional experience is diverse, including positions such as Tech Support, Project implementation, Customer service and Sales. Outside of work, he plays league soccer and volleyball. His hobbies include travelling/road trips, reading, documentaries, world events/current affairs, photography, nature, camping, and listening to all kinds of music, to name few. He also has a passion for physique/body building, and is working towards taking it to a competitive level. Nitesh is a foodie, and loves cooking and experimenting in the kitchen, especially with food that will help to achieve his fitness goals.
Nolan Cline
Nolan Cline sees himself as a geek, arts and athletic hybrid. An avid dancer with the U of S ballroom club, he likes to keep in shape and take up challenges in any sport. He loves tinkering with both mechanical and electrical systems. He rocks out on the drums with his Church's worship band and also tinkles the ivories occasionally. In his spare time he enjoys reading a good book, keeping up with the latest Bioware games and cheering on the Riders. A recent graduate of SIAST Computer Systems Technology program, Nolan is very excited to be joining Vendasta in Partner Development and Support.
Nykea Behiel

Nykea Behiel was born and somewhat raised in Humboldt, Saskatchewan. She has lived in Regina, Calgary, Toronto and Bangkok, but in true prairie girl fashion, she's returned to Saskatoon (and loves it). Growing up with four brothers and a bazillion cousins, Nykea feels at home in our rowdy office. As part of the marketing team at Vendasta, Nykea gets to do many of the things she loves - writing, reading, creating. Nykea is the social outreach director on her riding association, sits on the board for some women's' groups, plays sports, travels and laughs (excessively and loudly). She tends to get noise complaints wherever she goes.

Oleg Tkhoryk
Oleg Tkhoryk come from Ukraine (not “the Ukraine”) and is still adjusting to winter in Saskatoon. He has a B.A. in economic cybernetics and an M.A. in economics with concentration in econometrics. Those fancy names mean that here at Vendasta, Oleg helps make sense of our numbers and come to meaningful conclusions to help us increase our efficiency. When he’s not analyzing data, Oleg bikes, does photography, plays guitar and loves music. If you want to see him go a little crazy, throw down a Pink Floyd or Eric Clapton record. Or call it “the Ukraine.”
Paige Sutherland
Paige Sutherland waited on bated breath for her opportunity to apply at Vendasta and is beyond thrilled she made the cut. Along with getting a cool job, she is excited to take part in the free grain-based beverages! She is a long-time Ukrainian dancer and Girl Guide, whose ironic dislike for camping can only be matched by her disdain for country music. Bound to be on the 'outs' by her country-loving coworkers, Paige plans to win their affection by sharing cute pictures of her dog, Jazz and talking about her love for movies.
Pascal Dimnik

Pascal Dimnik recently received his Bachelors of Fine Arts (studio Art) from the University of Saskatchewan, which comes in close second for life achievements after having completely wrapped Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion (without realizing fast travel was an option). Juggling art, games and the woes of being slightly too tall, Pascal is always ready for a challenge. With over 12 years experience in sales and customer service in every job imaginable, Pascal is excited to join the Digital Agency team and roam the halls at Vendasta, quietly lecturing fellow staff on the merits of David Lynch's vision of Dune.

Patrick Chave
Patrick Chave was born and raised in Delisle, a bustling metropolis of one thousand people. He is a nerd at heart that loves manga and anime, or basically anything animated. Baseball is his second love, and he truly believes that opening day should be a holiday, or at least sick day. After receiving a diploma in Graphic Communications, he worked as a graphic designer in "Winterpeg", but was run out of town because he is not a Jets fan. He is very excited to be back in Saskatchewan, where you can say "bunny hug" and are not met with a confused, blank stare.
Peter Bindle
Peter Bindle has always had a passion for technology. He brings eight plus years of experience working in the technology industry to his role as a Partner Success Manager. If it involves electronics, or technology he’ll almost always be able to guide you through how to use it. The same goes for cars, kind of- he knows a lot about them but don’t trust him to fix one. As much as he loves technology he equally loves travel and the great outdoors having traveled through a majority of the United States and much of Europe. When he is not out enjoying nature he can be found dragging his cello around for orchestra practice and explaining why he has a cello with him.
Peter Guo

Peter Guo was born and raised in China. He has a Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical Engineering and worked as an engineer for two years in China. His love of programming and western culture brought him to Canada where he began studying Computer Science at University of Saskatchewan. After 3 years and an internship, Peter got his degree and scored a sweet job as a Software Developer at Vendasta. He loves video games, movies and cats. Peter says he’s a good cook and specializes in Chinese style BBQ. We’re looking forward to sampling some of his cooking here at Vendasta!

Phil Mainville

Phil Mainville is a Francophone who used to be in a Top 20 US World of Warcraft Guild. A regular DJ at the city's bars and restaurants, Phil knows local business marketing from the inside and he's excited to help us launch our own fulfilment center and DIFM Reputation Management program. His favorite bands include Muse, Arcade Fire, Alexisonfire, Daft Punk, and Justice.

Rafael Pavlovic
Rafael Pavlovic was born in Belgrade Serbia, and moved here at the age of two with his family as a refugee. A lover of most forms of physical activity, Rafael especially enjoys snowboarding, longboarding, boxing and swimming. Along this note, he is also hugely interested in Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) and can get a little rowdy, which ensures most of us keep a wide berth. His role at Vendasta is forming business partnerships and ensuring digital revenue growth for clients.
Rameez Virji

Rameez Virji is best known for his patent-pending invention of an oral vaccine delivery system, and for his software and web design company he created when he was 13. Recognized as one of Canada's Top 20 Under 20 in 2012, his main hope is for his pill to reach the developing world. In his spare time, Rameez likes to play (or at least try to play) his guitar, go camping, write code, and read. He looks forward to developing some amazing things here at Vendasta!

Reilly Forbes
Reilly Forbes believes in the power of a well timed gif... Raised in Saskatoon, Reilly moved away after high school to study film production and audio engineering before returning home to help run a nonprofit media production studio. He joins Vendasta as a content specialist and is excited to help the company tell its stories. Reilly loves ultimate frisbee, hip hop records, and when art makes him laugh. He's been known to host a podcast on fantasy football, and will talk sports with anyone who will listen.
Renee Elder

Renee Elder received her Pharmacy Technical Certificate but soon realized that testing pharmacy software was more fun. A Scrum Master Certificate followed soon after and so did complex software projects with lots of moving parts. Having emerged victorious in her trials and tribulations as Product Manager, Renee is now testing her mettle with Vendasta's multiple teams that develop our awesome reputation management platform. In her spare time she likes to go camping, play the piano, or travel to a scuba diving destination.

Riana Back

Riana Back is best known amoung her friends for DIY'ing everything, from bunk-beds to patio furniture, if she can dream it, she can build it. With her own custom wood working shop set up in her basement (or outside in the summer) she would disappear for days if her kids would let her. In her downtime she enjoys sketching wild animals with either charcoal or graphite pencils, and every once in a while dabbles in oil painting on canvas. Joining the Vendasta team has been an exciting change for her as she gets to have conversations with adults on a daily basis, which were scarce when staying at home to raise two young boys.

Rich Seaward

Rich Seaward can often be found planning ways to win from behind the bench as head coach for his home town's senior hockey team, making that key defensive play in the infield or on the golf course trying to hit "that shot." Rich brings that same focus to his role as the SDR Sales Manager here at Vendasta, blending together a unique skillset of leadership, coaching, motivation, sales best practices, data analysis, skills development and old school work habits to the SDR Team. Rich loves to push his team past their comfort zones to reach their full potential, analyzing data to increase productivity, setting an example within the sales leadership group and developing talent within the SDR team. He likes to add to his growing library with autobiographies, historical events, poker strategies, sports events and sales focused material. A renewed interest in travel over the last couple years has Rich planning some trips this year and beyond. If you see Rich around the office or outside Vendasta...say hi, you’ll be sure to get a smile back (except after a loss on the ice or the diamond).

Riley Wiebe

Riley Wiebe has always had an interest in technology and how it works. He decided to turn his interests into his career and got himself a degree in Computer Science from the University of Saskatchewan. He’s now a software developer in the best tech shop in town. In his free time, Riley enjoys listening to music, playing guitar and playing video games. His love for The Office is second to none.

Rory Lawford

Rory Lawford spent the latter part of the 1980’s touring Canada as lead singer of a heavy metal band - which he still does (but only on weekends, after his nap time). With multiple international design awards to his credit, Rory brings nearly two decades of professional graphic design experience to Vendasta. Also a devoted husband and father of three, what little spare time he has is spent on personal design projects, performing shows either with his band or solo with his acoustic guitar, and maniacally obsessing over Star Wars and Iron Maiden.

Ryan Boivin

Ryan Boivin is happy to be writing full time, but has all sorts of interests and hobbies. His favourite book is currently H.G. Wells, The Time Machine. On a side note, Ryan just needs some enriched plutonium for his flux capacitor before he can start living out the adventures in that novel. Getting back on track, his favourite movie is The Matrix, favourite documentary, One Day on Earth (2012). When he is not working, he enjoys traveling back to Ontario to visit family and friends, or exploring different cities around the world. Ryan always welcomes visitors who stop to chat, especially when they talk about the outcome of major world events and how they remember those events unfolding.

Ryan Boyko

Ryan Boyko is an old, broken down athlete with the hairline of Jason Statham. He has lived all but one year of his life in Saskatoon as a student athlete, electrician, and sales rep. He is a Big fan of all sports - mainly football and basketball, but to a lesser extend dressage and synchronized walking. He enjoys hanging out with family and friends, Saturdays for the boys, hitting the mountains, reading, and anything to do with fishing. In 2015 he accepted a job in an Ammonia Plant in Donaldsonville, Louisiana. After some hard work, he was able to become that company's Project Coordinator. They offered him a long contract extension for a new project, but he turned it down to build a life and career back home. Ryan looks to bring a strong, competitive, and team friendly attitude to Vendasta, and is eager to do his part to help the growth of the company continue.

Ryan Holaday
Ryan Holaday asks the tough questions, tells it how it is and doesn't mess around - probably. He's your average Vendastian astronaut-doctor-supergenius...or is he? Sure, he has the chiseled jawbone and rippling muscles of an Adonis. Sure, his mind is as keen and quick as the sharpest blade and sure, he can guide you through your hearts-and-minds most tempestuous of tempests with his sweet guitar playing skills. Yet, there is something else, isn't there? Something dark, almost sinister lurking below the surface. Something dangerous is smoldering within those eyes, like a fire just before it rages out of control and consumes everything in its path, leaving nothing but carnage and destruction in its wake. And what's that book he keeps on his desk, that he's always scribbling fervently in on the rare occasion he looks up from his work? We may never know, but one thing we do know. One thing is for sure: Ryan super likes those little Aussie Bite™ cookies.
Ryan Sutton

Ryan Sutton is a BC native who likes to run half-marathons to justify eating Hawaiian pizzas whenever he feels like it. His interest in computers dates back to when they had turbo buttons, so as an enthusiast of both computers and old things, he graduated with dual Bachelor degrees in Computer Science and History from Vancouver Island University. Being a huge fan of rain, Ryan works out of Vancouver.

Rylan Morris

Rylan Morris comes to Vendasta with a background in consumer tech. He joined the team after hearing that there's free breakfast on Thursdays... oh, and also because it's a pretty awesome company to work for. Fun fact: Apple Music seems to think his favourite musician is Moby; having a strong interest in music production, Rylan definitely respects Moby as an artist, but would not consider himself a Moby fan. Again, to be perfectly clear, he is not a Moby fan. Another fun fact: his secret talent is flare bartending. He can shoot an 11' fireball! Some say he's like Todd Roberts from Vendasta, only taller and better looking.

Rylan Spencer

Rylan Spencer is a New Business Account Executive at Vendasta. It has been said that Rylan was the best guy to never make it to the NHL....as a water boy. Chunky yet funky Rylan enjoys watching the Toronto Maple Leafs come close to making the playoffs every year. When he isn't watching sports you can find him outdoors hunting or fishing. Rylan is a loving husband and a father to two great kids.

Sam Huckerby

Sam Huckerby is a firm believer that there are too many wonderful things in life to go through it just focusing on one part. Sam has been reading, writing, and drawing her whole life. She is proud to say she's addicted to tea, buying books (sometimes getting around to reading them), and Saskatchewan skies. While Sam loves to travel and experience new things, nothing beats a quiet weekend at the cabin, in her opinion. Her Grumpy Cat page-a-day calendar is her sole sustenance besides vegan food and Futurama. Weird and random opinions are a must for this Digital Agent, as is learning as much as humanly possible. After all, her middle name is "Challenge Accepted." Just kidding, it's something far nerdier than that.

Sander Wang

Sander Wang has lived all across China, growing up in the mid-east, completing university in the northeast and starting his career in the northwest. He enjoys programming, working as a Software Engineer in China for a few years before moving to Canada to begin a completely new life. Sander is a big fan of ice fishing—his favourite activity to get him through Saskatoon’s long, cold winters. Don’t be surprised to find him in a fishing store. He loves trying new things but sometime needs an extra little push, help him out by challenging him to a game of foosball or table tennis!

Scott Bechdholt

Scott Bechdholt is an ex-pro video gamer who has travelled all over the US and Korea (twice) to compete at an international level. Eventually he decided it was time to grow up and go to school, so he moved to Saskatoon from Edmonton to pursue his education. Scott has worked as a market intelligence specialist, helped entrepreneurs start local businesses and in an Apple call centre (can you restart your computer for me?). He also likes traveling, reading and fishing, and more than anything, Scott loves the Oilers. Luckily, he likes to golf as well.

Scott Breckner
Scott Breckner is a computer engineering graduate from the U of S. Born and raised in Saskatoon, he has made it his goal to visit as many different countries as possible. Most of his free time is spent playing a variety of sports including hockey, football, and baseball. He still hasn't given up the dream of making it to the big leagues one day, but until that happens, he is excited to be working as a software developer with Vendasta.
Sean Schroeder

Sean Schroeder has a unique claim to fame: he has helped print tickets for pretty much every major sports team in North America. He is also a huge fan of the Saskatchewan Roughriders, enjoys Rodeo, Golf, and everything summer. When winter hits, he is either coaching his daughter’s hockey team or skiing down the slopes himself. At Vendasta, he is in charge of our Digital Agency, where he brings over 15 years of industry experience.

Seyi Abe

Seyi Abe graduated from the U of S with a BSc in Geological Sciences. He went on to work as a Geologist for 4yrs with a wellsite geology company in Calgary, geosteering oil wells across Saskatchewan, Alberta and BC. His prior background in sales is as a product expert with Futureshop in the information product group department. Seyi made the decision to join the Vendasta Sales team as a Sales Development Representative; a position he pursued for a greater value in fulfilling his passion. He was also a team leader in the U of S "Thinking the World of Our Furure Campaign" where he was part of the Annual Fund Call Centre and raised four million dollars during his 6 year tenure. Seyi's hobbies include chess, squash, basketball, swimming and dancing. He is an active member of the U of S Ballroom Dancing Club.

Shakya Abeywickrama

Shakya Abeywickrama hails from the beautiful island nation of Sri Lanka where she lived until obtaining her Bachelors of Business Administration. Trading deep blue ocean for golden prairies, Shakya moved to Saskatoon to earn her Bachelors of Commerce in Marketing from the U of S. A tech geek long before joining Vendasta, Shakya came to us from the Future Shop family where she placed in the top five of more than 300 salespeople. She wins in our hearts too. Her passion for tech is met only by her passion for travel—you can often find Shakya on a plane seeking out her next adventure. Already she’s been from Tokyo to London, often with Above and Beyond in her headphones.

Shane Williamson

Shane Williamson is currently working on a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science at the U of S, where they make the students solemnly swear to not build Skynet. He has been graciously invited to join Vendasta on an internship to build on his skills and knowledge. When he is not developing software, he can be found playing the drums, shooting pool, or nerd-ing out over some new game.

Shawn Gryschuk

Shawn Gryschuk graduated from the University of Saskatchewan with a B.Sc. in computer science. He and his wife like to escape the rectangular ice box by traveling to places where the mercury in their thermometer rises above “ridiculous and scarcely livable” levels. For the time that he does spend here in winter, Shawn likes to play hockey and volleyball, and during drought season, he plays Slo-Pitch and beach volleyball. He is also an avid reader and board gamer.

Shawn Setyo

Shawn Setyo was born and bread in the favelas of Scarborough, Ontario. There he met his crewmen who co-stared in all of his shenanigans. After high school his parents grew concerned and sent him to live in the prairies, with the more civilized folks. Thanks to this decision, Shawn, like a lotus flower, bloomed into the wonderful charismatic young gent we know today. While in Sask, he developed a deep love for the finer things in life, like thrift shopping, vintage ties, and French wines. He is now one of the founding members of the Canadian Charcuterie Club. Needless to say he's made his mama proud.

Sian Molloy

Sian Molloy is in the process of completing a degree in Computer Science at the U of S. She was born and raised in Whitehorse, Yukon. After living in the north for 17 years she decided that the weather just wasn't harsh enough and moved to Saskatchewan. She enjoys watching and playing curling, riding her bike, and reading just about any type of book.

Simon Papadopoulos

Simon Papadopoulos graduated with a Bachelor of Commerce, majoring in Computational Science, from the University of Saskatchewan. He went straight to work in the IT department at Federated Co-op and spent the next fourteen years there. Simon is a multifaceted guy and has also been an entrepreneur of several businesses in the past. We are delighted that he brought his many skills and out-going personality to the Vendasta sales team. Simon loves volunteering, and has volunteered for Sask Abilities and was a Big Brother to twin boys for ten years. He plays, and is a fan of any kind of sport and even works as a personal trainer on evenings and weekends.

Song Rattanavong

Song Rattanavong has been selling B2B solutions since 2005 with a simple mantra: if you do what's best for your clients, increased sales will follow. Having worked with a number of A list brands such as MTV, Puma, and VISA, this Canadian with a Laos ancestry and a Thai name has acquired a sales approach that is just as multidimensional. When he is not on a sales call helping his clients make money — yep, we see the irony in that, but hey, that's how we roll — he can be found either on a golf course or a soccer pitch.

Stephanie Dilsner

Stephanie Dilsner has a Computer Science degree in Interactive Systems Design from the University of Saskatchewan. Growing up in a hi-tech home; her favorite toy as a baby was an old computer keyboard and has been working on web design projects since her first pimple. Now, she has embraced her inner geek and is pumped about everything related to creating beautiful and innovative things. When she isn’t jumping up and down about design, she enjoys swimming, driving a tractor, traveling to new places, and eating sour foods…especially pickles. Her high energy and design skills are sure to be an asset to Vendasta.

Stephanie Goertzen
Stephanie Goertzen is a recent graduate from the University of Saskatchewan where she earned her M.Sc. in Physics studying topological superconductivity. Stephanie loves to see her data come to life and prides herself in making fabulous plots for her research. In her free time, Stephanie studies Japanese and plays far too much Binding of Isaac. She also enjoys honing her skills in cake decorating and is always searching for ideas for fun, new creations. Needless to say, Stephanie is looking forward to her future in Business Operations at Vendasta.

Stephanie Melnyk

Stephanie Melnyk is an artist of her own making, practicing the art of Pyrography, also known Woodburning. Originating from Domremy, Saskatchewan, she's a small town girl who loves to be creative. She went to Siast and took the Computer Systems Technology course, which started her enjoyment of working with computers. Before coming to work as a quality assurance tester at Vendasta, Stephanie worked in Saskatoon at iTracks as an account specialist/lead survey quality assurance tester. She spends her free time playing way too much Minecraft, or whatever game is currently piquing her interest.

Steven Hancock
Steven Hancock likes to run marathons. When that's not possible, he can settle with long distance cycling. If that doesn't work either, he can make do with a book. As you can see, Steven is quite flexible in his approach, which is also reflected in his career choices — he took up BCom and worked in business-related roles for a few years, and then he completed a BSc. At Vendasta, we like people with flexible approaches, so we hired him as a developer in the marketing team.
Sunny Sharma

Sunny Sharma turned down a couple of job offers in India to pursue higher studies at the University of Saskatchewan. Turns out, it was the right move, allowing Sunny to work on some cutting edge research in access control for REST Web Services. Having completed his Masters degree, he now works at Vendasta on our own cutting edge reputation management platform. In his spare time, he likes to play racquetball, volleyball or badminton, or watch one of his favourite films from the Star Trek, The Matrix, or Batman franchises.

Tabatha Clarke
Tabatha Clarke has lived in and roamed most of Western Canada and has settled in the beautiful City of Bridges. Originally from Vancouver and the Howe Sound area, she went to university in Prince George at UNBC and studied English and Philosophy. In her spare time she can be found outside in nature with her pug, Pugsley, or indoors, cooking, writing, creating, or simply curled up with her cats and a cup of tea. Now that she lives in Saskatoon, she loves exploring the city and finding the many hidden gems it has to offer.
Taylor Bolin

Taylor Bolin joins Vendasta as an enterprise account executive. With experience selling furnishings, vehicles and cell phones, Taylor is ready to try his hand at peddling software. When he’s not at work, you can find Taylor goofing around with his kids, playing video games and enjoying time with friends. Or reading, but that’s less interesting.

Taylor Galipeau

Taylor Galipeau is a recent graduate and Saskatchewan convert, travelling all the way from Lethbridge, AB. With a Bachelor's in Finance and background in Sales, she has found herself a home as the Junior Marketing Analyst at Vendasta. Taylor admits that she has a slightly unhealthy addiction to Netflix and online shopping but balances that out with MasterChef inspired stints in the kitchen and an appetite for world travel.

Taylor Mills

Taylor Mills has a passion for knowing how things work, which led him to pursue a bachelors degree in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Saskatchewan. After completing his degree he switched gears to co-found a technology company, where he led the engineering team developing software for the transportation and entertainment industries. While he has a passion for all engineering disciplines, he has decided to stick with software, and has joined Vendasta as a developer. In his spare time he enjoys building things, learning new skills, and spending time outdoors.

Taylor Wiebe
Taylor Wiebe grew up in Swift Current, Saskatchewan. He has always been interested in creating and building new things. This lead him to the University of Saskatchewan where he studied Computer Science, and become a software developer at Vendasta. He has always loved listening to music as well as playing it, and can often be found at concert venues checking out live shows.
Terrance Hand

Terrance Hand is one of Vendasta’s biggest video game fanatics. When he is not working or coaching his son’s hockey team, he is wading through his library of 100 Steam titles to figure out which one to play next. In his previous life, Terrance worked as a teller at Scotiabank for 5 years before someone explained to him that the next logical step for his career would be software testing. After five years in the QA business, he has fully embraced his new life and is now a part of Vendasta’s growing development team.

Thomas Seto
Thomas Seto was born and raised in Saskatoon, and graduated from the University of Saskatchewan with a degree in business in 2015, with a major in marketing. If he's not at work you can probably find him and his wife at the dog park with their two Westies or watching a baseball game during the season.
Tiffany Pennycook
Tiffany Pennycook has a lot of unusual collections. Her most noticeable being glasses—she's got 15 pairs! It's not uncommon to have her come in to work with a brand new pair. But nothing quite tops her love of cats. She has two and has a hard time resisting any sort of cat themed item. In fact, when we ordered posters for the office she created an entire cat-themed wall which, honestly, creeped everyone else out. Tiffany has worn many hats at Vendasta but now manages the Partner Success team. She is responsible for ensuring that all of our partners are happy campers. Her deep product knowledge and love of organization is a great asset that helps Vendasta run smoothly!
Tim Johnson

Tim Johnson brings with him 20 plus years of experience developing and positioning targeted products and services. He also survived the dot.com implosion, and that combination has heavily influenced and molded his skillset. He has a unique understanding of how to integrate conventional marketing into the digital space with high conversion rates. Tim has formerly served as President of Brand Development at FranConnect, VP of Marketing for a California based Coaching franchise, and he also founded and ran Process Peak. His time as VP of Marketing led to the realization that the industry was ripe for a fresh approach and a new technology. Thus, Process Peak was born. His team at PP focused on achieving client success through service and software solutions at the brand and local level. Tim is excited to apply his treasure trove of knowledge and experience to continue the impressive growth at Vendasta.

Todd Roberts

Todd Roberts is a member of our all-star sales team. When he's not wowing potential partners into signing up for our platform, he is also a master bartender with Tom Cruise skills (except taller, better looking and not as crazy), who hunts and fishes at every opportunity. Smiling with bugs in his teeth, Todd travels the world on his Harley. He likes to work with wood building things that sometimes look like the things he’s trying to build, play online games and spend time with his super model (inside joke) girlfriend.

Tonia Laird

Tonia Laird Tonia Laird joins Vendasta as a Digital Agency Writer. Having worked and trained in a variety of entertainment companies across the country, she has credits as a stop-motion animator, a storyboard artist, and a video game writer. If you’ve played Bioware’s Dragon Age 2 or Dragon Age: Inquisition, you’ve probably seen her work. Tonia is also trained in comic book illustration and scriptwriting, and works on sequentials in her downtime when she isn’t causing trouble alongside her husband and young son.

Tony Bathgate

Tony Bathgate grew up in Yellow Grass, SK, then moved to Saskatoon for his Engineering Physics, Computer Science, and MSc in Physics degrees (FYI: he's got more degrees than Yellow Grass has people). As a rugby champ and Ultimate Frisbee player, Tony defies all sorts of programmer/geek stereotypes - the real question is, how well will he fare in office Foosball?

Trisha Khimta
Trisha Khimta was born and raised up in Shimla, a small hill station in north India known for its apples and cold season. Now that she lives in Saskatoon, she has had to redefine what she considers cold. Trisha's journey to Canada started in India at TCS, which is one of the leading IT companies in the country. There she fell in love with coding and data analysis, and time just flew by. A short 8.5 years later, she decided it was time to shake things up with a new challenge, and moved to Canada. Trisha is a couch potato by nature, and spends most of her free time watching movies and surfing the net. At times when her creativity is at its peak, she likes to paint t-shirts and do needle work. Trisha is thrilled to join Vendasta, and is looking forward to learning, contributing and growing.
Udeep Tandukar

Udeep Tandukar got more than he bargained for when he moved to Saskatoon: a Masters in Computer Science, a job at the coolest tech shop in town, and the love of his life. Born and raised near the scenic hills of Nepal, Udeep’s love for camping and landscape photography has also found a home here in the prairies. At Vendasta, he looks forward to building his career as a software developer and sharing his passion for martial arts films with fellow nerds.

Weston Carlson

Weston Carlson is a recent Computer Science graduate from the University of Saskatchewan. He loves to learn, which is one of the main reasons he chose software development as his profession. In his spare time he enjoys skateboarding, snowboarding, basketball, and a variety of other outdoor activities. He also enjoys music, movies, working on vehicles, and having a few beers with friends.

William Eveleigh

William Eveleigh started IT school at the age of 38 and graduated at the age of 41. This experience is indicative of his determination and his technical aptitude. The hobby he most enjoys is working on cars, as he finds it a therapeutic, solo venture. William has two daughters and a granddaughter, Amelia, who lives with him and his wife, and he loves taking her to Toys R Us (though he can build half of what stocks the shelves). Known to Vendastians as the Tuesday savior, William makes highly coveted fruit cups sprinkled with hidden treats every week. As our maintenance administrator and general everything man, William has gotten to know all of our quickly growing staff, and always makes everyone smile.

Yue Gao

Yue Gao hails from a small coastal town in China, where she took up computer science and realized early on that programming wasn't really her thing. Her quest to do something different led her to Canada, where she found not only her passion for UX design, but also respite from her longing for the seaside in our lakes. Having learned everything the Masters program had to offer, she now practices her skill at Vendasta helping make our software both functional and beautiful. And in whatever free time she has left, she likes to kick back with a warm cup of Oolong tea.

Zack Meredith

Zack Meredith moved all the way from Alberta to be part of our writing team! With his Bachelor’s of English, Zack’s creativity drives him to exciting (and sometimes dangerous) places. When he is not at work, you will find Zack either playing videogames, or outdoors hiking and exploring. Whether alone or with his family and friends, Zack remains high energy and welcomes the challenges in life. In the wise words of his personal hero Sonic the Hedgehog, “C’mon step it up!”.